How Make Money Online Free

How Make Money Online Free
How Make Money Online Free

How Make Money Online Free

You’re looking for a way to make more money, but don’t you want to leave and get a job? Want to learn how to increase your income by working online from the comfort of your home. If you answered either of the questions, you are in the right place. How Make Money Online Free!

You probably already know there are many ways to get what you want financially because others found it and have already taken enormous advantage of it. In your search, you need only a little direction. You need somebody to tell you what options you can find and how to start, and that is where this book comes in.

It provides you with ten different ways of making money online (some contain several options within them). Some of them may take a while to learn, but others you may start to use today and may earn more income when the clock hits midnight tonight.

Top 10 Online Money Making

In the pages and chapters that follow, you will learn ten different ways of making money with nothing but an internet connection and a willingness to get out of your current financial position. Although this list is certainly not entirely inclusive, it will give you an idea of the most popular ways to make money available to you today.

You can also notice that each has its advantages and disadvantages that you will learn after being explained. And while you have the potential to earn, remember that you are the only person who can limit yourself. This information is shared with you to understand what most people make of this particular field, not to tell you that you can not exceed this amount. How Make Money Online Free!

Finally, it is up to you how lucrative you are with any of these suggestions. Nothing can be done, or a million dollars can be made. Your ability to succeed is based on your ingenuity, creativity, ability to achieve your goal, and on your relentless perseverance. As long as you keep learning from your mistakes, complete your steps and do the best you can, you will ultimately be successful.

When you read each of these ten options, be open to seeing if they are for you or not. This requires being honest about your interest in learning them inside and outside, increasing their success. After all, if you only put half your heart on them, they won’t be able to raise your income—at least not by much or as much as you can.

Decide, however, to put your body and soul in it, and your result may be very different. Don’t let an option failure and it won’t be. Keep trying to learn as much from what you have chosen to try, and you probably will be better than the average person.

You may even want to try to open several revenue streams at once, but this will probably backfire. You will instead go much further by choosing one option that is the most fun and beneficial for you and focusing exclusively on it (maybe add a second one, once you have mastered the first, then the third one, etc.). This enables you to discover its ins and outs, giving you a greater chance of success. How Make Money Online Free!

If you try it and it doesn’t really feel right or doesn’t fit you, then just leave it and try another. Here, there’s no good or wrong. It’s simply a matter of finding the one you connect to best and allowing it to work for you to increase your income.


1- Affiliate Marketing

How Students Can Earn From Internet Affiliate Marketing
How Students Can Earn From Internet Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the first and possibly most well-known method of making money online. Combining it with almost any other techniques in this book is the most important method for making money online. Affiliate marketing is when you sell other people’s products or services on your website, social media page, youtube channel, or other internet-based pages in exchange for a commission. How Make Money Online Free!

Of course, having (or creating) an internet site or page that caters to the same market as the merchant or advertiser you want to highlight and having a sufficient number of visitors is a requirement for this money-making option. However, once you have it, you may be able to earn a lot of money. How Make Money Online Free!

How To Go About It

If you’re interested in learning more about affiliate marketing, here’s a step-by-step guide to getting you started:

Step 1: Decide which category you’d like to highlight. If you already have a website or a page relevant to your subject or topic, this is fairly simple to accomplish. For example, suppose you already own and operate a website that is somehow related to money or financial issues. How Make Money Online Free!

In that case, you could increase your income as an affiliate marketer (in which case you would be referred to as the publisher) by promoting and selling products and programs related to this subject (like the programs sold by dave Ramsey, creator of financial peace university, or Jim Cramer, host of mad money).

What types of products or services are you interested in if you don’t have a page or website set up yet? What are some topics about which you are knowledgeable and can intelligently converse with your readers? Choose a category that you enjoy or to which you can contribute value, and the rest of the process will be much simpler for you.

Step 2: If you don’t already have one, create a website or web page. Now is the time to create a website or social media page if you don’t already have one. Develop a price comparison site, write a review site, or create a discount site for products that people frequently buy online.

Each of these options has the potential to attract customers looking for specific items. Furthermore, sites like these serve a practical purpose for consumers, whether it is to save money, determine which products are of higher quality, or both, all while putting more money in your pocket. How Make Money Online Free!

Step 3: Choose which products or services you’d like to promote. What can you expect your reader to believe in if you don’t believe in the product or service for which you are an affiliate?

Consider the items you wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to your closest family and friends, and your enthusiasm for them will shine through, making your reader as enthusiastic as you are about them. How Make Money Online Free!

Step 4: Decide which affiliate marketing sites you want to use and create an account with them. If you’re new to affiliate marketing, sites like Clickbank, amazon affiliate programs, e-junkie, pay dotcom (which pays commissions via Paypal), and CJ affiliate by conversant are good places to start (formerly known as commission junction).

Each of these can point you in the direction of the merchants who are best suited for you, allowing you to maximize your profits from your marketing affiliate program.

You should pay close attention to how each one functions and consider the implications for your potential profits. For example, ClickBank offers commissions of up to 75% of the product price, and pay dotcom offers up to 80% commissions.

Still, because amazon affiliates are one of the largest online shopping retailers globally, you may make more money with them even though they offer a lower percentage (6-15%) (6-15%), depending on which program you choose.

If you already have a popular blog or website, you may be able to earn money from a company simply by promoting their brand or name on your site, such as with Google Adsense. Options like this are frequently set up as pay-per-click, in which you are paid a set amount for each person who clicks on an affiliate link that you have placed somewhere on your website. How Make Money Online Free!

Step 5: How to choose and promote an affiliate program. Because ClickBank is the website I recommend you start with, I’ll go over the process there. The commission you will receive for each sale is the first and most important consideration. For digital products, aim for a commission rate of 60% or more. The majority of ClickBank’s digital products sell for between $35 and $85 on average.

If you follow this rule, you’ll make at least $21 per sale. If you’re promoting physical products, don’t stick to a specific percentage; instead, make sure you’ll make at least $50 per sale, as physical products are more difficult to sell than digital ones. After that, check to see if the product has a high gravity. This indicates that many people have affiliate sales in the previous week, indicating that the product is in high demand.

However, this will mean that you will face a lot of competition when selling the product. As a result, my advice is to go for products with a medium gravity but a strong sales page. Check to see if they have a long sales page, and compare them to the competition with other competitors’ products to see if they’ll convert well.

Step 6: Add a link to your site that points to the specific product(s) you’d like to promote and earn a commission from. You should get an affiliate link once you’ve decided which affiliate program you want to promote. It is critical that you simply copy and paste it onto your website, blog, or youtube channel. How Make Money Online Free!

Suppose you’re going to put it on your website or blog. In that case, I recommend trying the link to the program’s name or something else that represents it, rather than just pasting the link, which will look unprofessional, and everyone will know it’s an affiliate link. If you’re going to promote your product on youtube, you can use a link shortener like Your links will appear far more professional as a result of this.

Step 7: Promote your link on social media. You must market your affiliate products as if they were your own now that your site is up and running and ready to make you money. Get your readers and followers excited about the products, programs, or services you’ve chosen, so they’ll click on them and, more importantly, buy them.

Not only should you promote these items on your main site, but you should also post about them (along with links) in groups or forums relevant to your target market. The more exposure you can get, the more sales—and money—you’ll be able to make.

The Advantages

One of the most basic advantages of affiliate marketing is that you can make a lot of money without having to invest any of your own money or time in developing, testing, or packaging a product or service. The only possible cost associated with this option is the cost of setting up your website. However, if you already have one or are skilled at creating web pages, the only cost you will incur is time. This is useful if you’re on a tight budget and want to make some extra cash with little or no initial investment.

Another advantage of affiliate marketing is that you have complete control over who you work with as an affiliate. This enables you to select merchants and advertisers who share your values and beliefs and promote products and services you agree with and believe in.

Negative Features

One significant disadvantage is that affiliate marketing is extremely competitive, so it may take a long time before you start making any significant money. When you think about it, you have to get people to your website through your marketing campaign, and then you have to get them to buy your affiliate’s products through your marketing campaign. As a result, your marketing strategy may be extremely complicated, as you must effectively market yourself and your affiliates simultaneously.

Using social media to market is one way to resolve or mitigate this disadvantage. When you connect with your and your affiliates’ target markets on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, you have the opportunity to grow your customer base while also increasing your revenue.

You must also ensure that you are not over-promoting your affiliates while under-promoting yourself. You don’t want your followers and viewers to miss out on your products and services because you’re too preoccupied with promoting someone else’s. Of course, this isn’t an issue if you don’t sell anything on your websites.

Potential Earnings

So, as an affiliate marketer, how much money can you make? According to a finch sells poll, most affiliates (just under 19%) earn money. How Make Money Online Free!

A budget of $20,000 or less per year, but don’t let that discourage you. Almost 6% of those polled said they make more than two million dollars a year selling other people’s products, services, and brands. Isn’t that justifiable?

As a result, it’s largely up to you to decide how far you’ll go and how much money you’ll make with this particular online money-making opportunity. The more traffic you can attract to your pages and the more time you devote to promoting yourself and the affiliates with whom you’ve chosen to work, the more successful you’ll be.

Joining an affiliate marketing forum such as digital point, warrior forum, or best web may be beneficial if you want to increase your earning potential. These forums allow you to interact with other affiliate marketers who can provide you with the tips and tricks you need to succeed, allowing you to earn a higher income and do so faster than if you tried to figure out affiliate marketing on your own.

2- YouTube

Youtube is the most popular video-sharing website on the internet, so I’m sure you’ve heard of it. You can make money by creating your channel and promoting your own or other businesses’ services and products or joining the youtube partner program.

How To Go About It

When it comes to set-up, youtube is similar to any other social media site. However, the following are the steps you must take to create a video channel that is worthy of hundreds, thousands, or even millions of daily viewers:

Step 1: Create a youtube channel. Google has detailed, easy-to-follow instructions that will make the process of starting your own youtube channel a breeze. However, you must first decide whether you want to register it under your name or under the name of your company (if you have one). Consider what you want your brand to be and go with the most sensible option. How Make Money Online Free!

Another important factor to consider when creating your youtube account is that you want to choose keywords that your target market will likely use when searching for the products and services you’re selling so that you’re more likely to appear in their search results. For example, suppose your videos are about personal development. In that case, keywords like “raising self-esteem,” “feeling better about yourself,” “how to be self-confident,” and “developing a self-empowering attitude” are all good choices.

After you’ve taken care of the logistics, you’ll need to create a visually appealing youtube channel. To accomplish this, choose the right theme and color scheme for your topic area, and upload a photo that represents you or your brand so that your viewers can begin to connect with you. How Make Money Online Free!

You must also choose a video for your youtube channel’s featured video, so make it one of your best. Keep in mind that this could be what entices your target market to sign up for your posts (or leave your channel), so make it appealing.

Fill in the title and description with content that is both fun and interesting and accurately represents what you have to offer. Any fields you don’t use should be removed to avoid cluttering your page, but make sure to keep the comment option enabled because it encourages your followers to interact with you, which will increase your interaction and sales!

Step 2: Add videos to your website. After you’ve created your youtube channel, you’re ready to go. How Make Money Online Free!

You can use it to upload your videos. What types of videos are the most effective? Well, that depends on what you want to achieve with them.

Shorter, higher-quality videos appear to attract the most attention. As a result, it may be worthwhile to invest in quality equipment and enlist the assistance of friends rather than attempting to do everything on your own.

If you’re demonstrating something or creating a how-to video, on the other hand, the video may need to be longer to convey the entire message. To save time, you want to get all of the necessary information without speaking quickly or skipping over details.

Consider what your target market would like to see and create videos with that in mind to determine which will work best for your needs. If you’re unsure, ask them and let them tell you what you should do next!

Step 3: Develop an audience. As mentioned in step one, selecting good keywords for your content helps drive traffic to your channel, so keep that in mind when you’re trying to target a specific group of people. Search for keywords related to your channel’s niche using google keyword planner. Create a list of the most popular search terms. You should be able to come up with around 20 ideas in this situation. Include the keyword phrase and the number of monthly searches in your list. How Make Money Online Free!

These are keywords that people use to find information. Next, go to youtube and make sure you’re not logged in. We’ll use the search function to find what we need. Take your newly created list and type the first three to four letters of the keyword phrase. As you type, youtube will begin to provide suggestions. This isn’t by chance.

These are the search terms that other users use to find videos. You’ll want to cross-reference these suggestions with the keywords on your list. These are the keywords that your target audience uses, and, just like with other social media platforms, you should post on youtube regularly. This will increase the number of people who subscribe to your channel because they will know you will be uploading content regularly, making it easier to build a following. How Make Money Online Free!

Step 4: Promote your videos across multiple platforms. To direct your followers and connections back to your youtube site, share your videos on other forms of social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Encourage them to subscribe to your youtube channel so they can keep up with what you’re up to. They might not think of it on their own if you don’t tell them to. Make them want to be a part of what you have to offer by getting them excited about what you have to offer.

You can also promote your videos by creating a website and blog. I recommend using WordPress for this because it is both free and simple to set up. However, I recommend spending ten dollars on a domain name and buy website hosting (you can use since they have excellent prices).

Free hosting is your worst enemy; never use it because it will inundate your website with random advertisements, making it appear unprofessional to your visitors.

Step 5: Enable ad monetization for your youtube account. You can do this either when you’re uploading your video or after it’s already gone live (though the first option is recommended, so you don’t lose any money). This can be done by checking the “monetize with ads” option on the upload screen or going to your video manager and doing it there afterward. How Make Money Online Free!

You’ll also want to go to the Google AdSense website and create an account there once your account is ready to be monetized. To do this, you must be 18 years old and have either a PayPal account or a bank account to receive payment, so keep these requirements in mind before wasting time by discovering that you lack the necessary resources.

Some ads have a cost per click (CPC), which means your advertiser pays each time their ad is clicked. Other ads have a cost per view (CPV), which requires your viewer to watch at least half of their ad, or 30 seconds, whichever comes first, before moving on to the next. Ads that play before your video are known as pre-roll ads, while ads that appear at the bottom of your video screen (known as in-search ads) or on the side of it are known as side ads (in-display ads).

Each one has its own set of benefits, so you can choose which ones you want to use. You might want to experiment with a few of them to see which ones work best for your target audience. Try switching them around to see if it makes a difference in your earnings.

Step 6: Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your youtube channel. Remember how we said you could make money on any internet site in the affiliate marketing section? Youtube is one of them, allowing you to direct your target market to products and services that you believe will benefit them the most by placing links on your youtube page, allowing you to make money by selling other people’s goods.

You want to choose affiliates that will appeal to your target audience once again. As a result, select the products and services that are most appropriate for your target market.

You have the opportunity to earn as much money as possible.

You can also use youtube to sell your products and services and keep 100% of the profits, which is always a good thing. How Make Money Online Free!

Step 7: Review your statistics and make informed decisions based on the data you’ve gathered. Check out the analytics on youtube for your video views to see which ones are performing the best. Also, keep an eye out for which videos or topics aren’t getting much attention, as this is crucial information.

The second part of this step entails making good use of the information you’ve gathered. This entails making adjustments to your strategy if something isn’t working, but it also necessitates producing more videos similar to those performing well and attracting the most attention.

Step 8: If you want to be more formal, you can apply for a youtube partnership. This option is only available after your youtube channel has met certain requirements. Why should you apply for a partnership? It’s straightforward. You have more content creation tools at your disposal, and you may be eligible for prizes based on your channel’s success. In either case, it is beneficial to your health.

The Advantages

If you use ads, sell your goods, and use affiliate marketing on youtube, you can make more money from the same video by generating revenue from three sources. You can still generate two revenue streams if you don’t have your products and services. Doing tech reviews is an excellent example of this. How Make Money Online Free!

These videos are engaging and draw many viewers, particularly when they feature apple products (iPhones, specifically).

Negative Features

When it comes to making youtube videos, there can be many upfront costs, especially if you invest in top-of-the-line equipment, which you’ll almost certainly want to do to stay competitive. Furthermore, the amount of money you earn with google Adsense is relatively small, especially at first. However, if you have a youtube channel with a large following, which is, of course, the goal, that amount can easily add up over time.

Potential Earnings

It’s important to remember how much money you make on youtube is determined by how many of your subscribers engage with your ads and affiliates. Although they are unquestionably related, they are still distinct from one another, which means you must enlist the help of your followers. It’s not enough for them to simply watch your videos.

3- Blogging

Blogging is a third online money-making option. Blogging is defined as writing about a situation, event, or another topic regularly and publishing it on the internet for others to read. You can make a decent living from your blog if you can build a large following.

How to go about it

Here’s what you’ll need to do to create a blog that gets a lot of attention and starts making money:

Step 1: Decide what you want to write about on your blog. Which topic or topics pique your interest the most? Are you a car nerd who knows everything there is to know about today’s cars and trucks, or do you have a voracious appetite for cooking and want to share your enthusiasm with others?

Tech review blogs, beauty and fashion blogs, health and nutrition blogs, making money blogs, and even teaching people how to blog are some of the most profitable niches and blog ideas. However, it is critical that you only blog about topics that you are truly passionate about. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pique other people’s interest in the topic if you don’t care about it. How Make Money Online Free!

Pick a topic and narrow it down as much as possible to better resonate with your target market once you’ve compiled a list of possibilities. For example, if you like to cook, which style appeals to you the most? Are you a farm-to-table chef or prefer to prepare traditional dishes with a modern twist? The more specific your topic is, the easier it will be to reach out to the people you want to reach.

Check out other people’s blogs that are writing about similar topics to get ideas. This may help you develop ideas for your own and allow you to see which aspects of their blog you enjoy and which you don’t, making it easier for you to create your blog, which is the next step. How Make Money Online Free!

Step 2: Create your blog. You’ll be one step ahead of the game if you already have a blog. You’ll have to make one if you don’t already have one. You can do this by adding a blog page to your website or signing up for a pre-existing blog platform, such as WordPress, which offers simple themes that make setting up your blog a breeze.

Your priority should be to develop a domain name that suits you and is easy to remember and recognize by your followers. 3 fat chicks, which offer weight loss support, or dumb little man, who offers life advice, are two examples of short and catchy names that often work. Also, avoid getting too close to a well-known person.

If you try to gain more followers by using a well-known trademarked name, you might get into trouble.

If you’re going to set up your blog on a self-hosting website like HostGator, Bluehost, or Dreamhost, all of which offer packages for under $10 per month, keep in mind domains usually work best because that’s what most people are used to. The net is also becoming more mainstream now, so that is an option you might want to consider.

You’ll also want to make a page that appeals to your target market while remaining true to your brand. Choose colors and graphics that reflect your style and topic, making it simple for potential customers to figure out who you are and what you do at a glance.

Step 3: Get started with your posting. The key to successful blogging is to write articles that your target market wants to read and include keywords to be found more easily. This entails coming up with a title that draws them in and writing a blog that engages, interests, entertains, and benefits them in some way, all while ensuring that the keywords are in the right places throughout your blog. Always format your articles to make them appealing to the eye and easier to read.

You have the option of writing these yourself or hiring a ghostwriter to do so for you. Elance is a great place to hire a ghostwriter if you’re looking for one. Each freelance writer is given a rating based on their previous work for other clients, allowing you to choose the best fit for your project after reviewing their profile and job proposal.

Also, don’t be afraid to include videos or pictures in your blog. People respond to different types of content, so mix it up on your blog to appeal to a wide range of readers and viewers. You’ll have a bigger impact and a bigger following as a result.

One thing to keep in mind is to post consistently. Make your readers accustomed to seeing your name so that they regard you as a trusted friend and look forward to your posts as if you are a part of their daily lives.

Some people prefer to post regularly, such as every Saturday at 8:00 a.m. On the other hand, others only post when they have something to say and only when they have something to say. Make a list of what works best for you and stick to it. I recommend that you post as much as possible initially, but not at the expense of quality. To increase your blog’s readership, aim to post 2-3 times per week.

Step 4: Increase your readership by promoting your blog. Now that you’ve published a few posts on your blog, it’s time to promote it to increase your readership.

First and foremost, you want to make sure that your blog and the posts contain the right keywords so that your target market can easily find you when searching.

Second, you want to entice them to subscribe to your blog by providing a free download in exchange for their email address, allowing you to grow your audience more quickly and effectively. Include a “subscribe” button so that people can easily sign up to receive your posts as they are published (i recommend using or for this purpose). Encourage them to share them with their family and friends, who can then sign up for the newsletter as well. How Make Money Online Free!

Step 5: Turn your blog into a money-making machine. Your blog is an excellent place for affiliate marketing and CPC (cost per click) ad networks like Google Adsense if you use what you learned in chapter 1 about making money online. If you have a large following on your blog, either of these options can make you a lot of money.

CPM ad networks will also compensate you for reaching out to your audience. The rate is calculated per 1,000 followers, so the more you have, the more money you can make. Adclickmedia, twelvefold media, and SiteScout are some options if this is the path you want to go down. How Make Money Online Free!

You can also use your blog to sell your products and services, allowing you to monetize them. Suppose you’re a freelance writer, for example. In that case, you can offer content packages for your followers’ businesses (such as for their web pages, emails, or blogs), or if you’re a motivational speaker, you can offer to speak to organizations and groups to motivate them to reach higher levels and achieve higher goals.

You could also write your e-book (which we’ll cover in chapter 8 of this book) and sell it on your blog for some long-term income. Think of how you can monetize your blog, and think of how you can make money.

Step 6: Spread the word about your website. To attract more visitors to your blog, promote it on other platforms (such as your website, social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, youtube, and so on). Follow and comment on other people’s blogs, pick their interest, and encourage them to visit yours to see what it’s all about. Because you already have content on your blog, posting the same content as a video on youtube is a simple way to reach out to more people and invite them to visit your blog. Many people nowadays prefer to watch videos rather than read articles.

Another option is to allow guest posts on your blog, encouraging others to do the same.

Participate in the process. This also encourages them to share your blog, as it benefits them to have their name out there while also promoting yours.

Join any blogging-related Linkedin groups you can find, as well as any other blogging-related groups you can find. When people in these groups ask questions about your topic, write a blog about it and direct them to it. It’s a great way to establish yourself as an expert in your field, increasing the likelihood that they’ll purchase the products and services you recommend. How Make Money Online Free!

The Advantages

One of the best things about blogging is how simple it is to get started. All that is required is that you keep posting on your chosen topic regularly. It’s also a budget-friendly option. You can create a WordPress site for free, or for as little as $20, you can get a personalized domain name and host.

They are easy to write to if you have a genuine interest in your subject. With a little personality and flair, it’s relatively simple to build a following that looks forward to your next post like a child at Christmas.

Negative Features

Blogging isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme because it takes time to build a large following. You won’t see any real momentum for your blog until you’ve been posting for a year or more, which means you’ll need to be persistent and stick with it even if you do not see great results. How Make Money Online Free!

Furthermore, people will not subscribe to your blog unless you are fairly skilled at creating content. So, if you’re not a good writer or have trouble communicating your ideas clearly and understandably, you could pay someone else to write your blogs for you. And if you frequently post, which you should, that amount can quickly add up.

Potential Earnings

The big question is how much money you can make from blogging. Well, depending on how big your blog grows and how you monetize it, you can make over $2 million per month, just like the Huffington Post, which makes its money primarily from pay-per-click ads. Alternatively, you could make a lot less, like expert photography, who earns around $5,000 per month through affiliate sales.

Some blogs fail to generate revenue because they fail to entice their readers to take action. Remember that even if you enjoy blogging, if you don’t ask your readers to buy your products, purchase your affiliate’s products, or click on the ads, you won’t make any money.

How To Make Money With Fiverr

4- Fiverr

How Fiverr Makes Money
How Fiverr Makes Money

Fiverr is a website where you can earn money by selling your skills or skills. Are you a creative writer, a seo guru, a design artist, a website creator, or a voice-over artist, for example? Then you can make money as a seller on Fiverr by providing people and businesses with your one-of-a-kind and talent-driven services.

How to go about it

Follow these steps to start earning money on Fiverr:

Step 1: Decide what you’d like to sell. What products or services can you provide to others quickly and for a low initial investment (think $5 per gig)? You should try to develop something unique to set yourself apart from the competition, but any skill can be easily sold on Fiverr because there are so many buyers.

Step 2: Sign up for an account. Your email address, google+ account, or Facebook account can all be used to sign up for a Fiverr account. All you have to do now is confirm it, and you’re ready to go.

Step 3: Set up your profile. After you’ve created your account, you’ll want to complete your profile, including uploading a photo and telling Fiverr a little bit about yourself.

The overarching theme of this platform appears to be that less is more. To fit all of your content into the space available, you’ll want to be as clear and concise as possible. You’ll be cut off if you’re not straight and to the point. Also, make sure that your profile picture (or logo) is professional-looking; you don’t want to scare away potential buyers.

Step 4: Double-check your hypothesis. However, before you start working on your first gig, make sure it’s a good one. Look around on Fiverr for similar gigs. Check to see if there is a market for similar services to yours. Enter your keywords and see if you can find at least three gigs with more than 500 reviews and at least ten orders pending. If you find them, that’s great; it means your concept is in high demand, and you can profit from it. Let’s get started on creating your gig.

Step 5: Come up with an idea for a gig. Create a gig, another name for the service or product you want to sell, by clicking on “start selling” under your profile. This step will be broken down into smaller steps that must be completed to create a best-selling gig.

So, to begin, let’s look at your job title. Only 80 characters are available for your gig title, so make the most of them. Fiverr even says that short titles sell better, so take their advice. It’s also critical that your title accurately describes what you’re selling; don’t use confusing titles, as this will result in a lot of unhappy customers.

Following that, you’ll want to have a set of gig samples that are both appealing and competitive. Once again, take a look around Fiverr to see how other people present their gigs. This can be used as a source of inspiration and a benchmark for how good your performance should be. If you can make it look better and more appealing than the other available gigs, that’s fantastic. Consider hiring a graphic designer from Fiverr to create cool images to represent your gig if you aren’t a graphic designer.

You should continue with the gig description after you’ve finished with your samples. Make sure to take advantage of Fiverr’s formatting options so that it’s simple to read and highlight all of the important points. Give a detailed description of your service, including what you offer for $5 and what you offer as a bonus. Consider your description to be a contract between you and the client that spells out the details of your service.

After that, you should consider posting a video. When a video is included in a gig, it has a higher chance of becoming popular because it appears higher in the search results when it is published. Simply record yourself explaining your service, making sure to include the phrase “this gig is exclusively on” and ensuring that your video looks professional and does not include your bed or anything embarrassing in the background.

Step 6: Get the word out about your upcoming performance. This step is also made simple by Fiverr, which allows you to publish your gig via social media buttons before leaving the page once you have all of the information they require. They have an option for Facebook, Twitter, google+, LinkedIn, and email. All you have to do is click the one you want, and they’ll spread the word about your brand new service offering to the rest of the world (or at least your followers)!

Ensure that your gig’s keywords are optimized as well. It’s preferable if they match the title of your gig, as this will give them more impact. Use the google keyword planner to determine the best keywords for your gig, just like I suggested in the “youtube” section.

Step 7: Give excellent service to your customers. Because Fiverr allows buyers to rate you, you’ll want to present yourself as a true professional to them to receive a higher rating. Of course, you won’t be able to please everyone all of the time, but the more satisfied your clients are, the more work you’ll get and the more money you’ll make.

There is a golden rule to long-term success on Fiverr. Simply put, you should deliver more than you expected. Make sure you meet or exceed your buyer’s expectations. You can do so by employing a straightforward technique. If you’re a writer, for instance, and you’d like to offer to write something,

The average word count for a $5 article is between 300 and 500 words. If you are willing to write 500 words for $5, you can offer 400 words for $5 in your gig, but always deliver around 500. As a result, your customers will be very pleased with your service and will return.

Of course, you will come across some shady buyers from time to time. After that, you must prioritize your long-term goals over your short-term losses. (it’s common for bad clients to demand more for less money.) Allow a bad client to leave professionally and respectfully so that you can concentrate on your good clients. You should never try to please a bad customer because you don’t want them to come back.

Step 8: Study the work of other Fiverr sellers. One of the most effective ways to learn is to observe what others on Fiverr are doing that appears to be working for them. Dion appears to be one of the top sellers, so you should look him up to see what you can learn from him about what it takes to be a top seller.

I’ve also written a book about how to make money on Fiverr. It’s called the Fiverr business plan, and it’ll teach you everything you need to know about making a decent living on Fiverr without putting in a lot of effort.

The Advantages

The advantages of Fiverr are that it is simple to use and has a large number of active buyers, allowing you to make money quickly. You can also use it to grow your current business by reaching out to many potential customers with the services you provide. Furthermore, becoming a seller on the site is free, so you won’t have to pay anything upfront.

Negative Features

At $5 per gig ($4 goes to you, $1 goes to Fiverr), you won’t make a lot of money, but it will provide you with some extra income, which is important, especially if you’re just getting started in the field and trying to figure out if it’s right for you. And if you offer add-ons (gig extras), which you can do once you’ve completed your tenth job, you can make a lot more money (up to $500 per order) by providing your clients with extra services for a fee. How Make Money Online Free!

Another disadvantage is that you will be competing against many other sellers, so you must differentiate yourself or not be hired. Be inventive in capturing the attention of your buyer, or you risk going unnoticed.

Potential Earnings

To start making real money on Fiverr, you must start at $5 per gig, have been on the site for at least 30 days, and have completed at least ten orders. However, if you are quick at what you do, you can make a decent amount of spending money from this site as long as you are comfortable working on various projects.

Some Fiverr users have claimed to earn hundreds of dollars per day, which is possible if you have many gigs as a top seller or can sell add-ons. I make around 2,000 dollars per month on Fiverr, working about 50 hours per month. This will take a significant amount of time to accomplish, but it is possible if you are good at whatever you are selling and can persuade many people to want your services.

Online Millionaire Hacks

5- Freelancer

How To Make Money As A Freelancer
How To Make Money As A Freelancer

You can make money online as a freelancer if you have a special skill that you can sell over the internet, such as writing (fiction and nonfiction), translation, web design, graphics, coding, programming, engineering, architecture, administrative assistance, or anything else that doesn’t require you to be in the same physical location as your client. You can work under your name or a company name, earning money with skills you already have and are willing to share for a fee with others.

How to go about it

You can create an endless stream of money flowing from your clients into your savings account as a freelancer if you follow these steps:

Step 1: Decide whether or not you want to work for yourself. Being a freelancer has many advantages, such as setting your schedule and charging whatever you want. Still, it isn’t always easy, which is why you should think carefully about what you’re doing before diving in. Once you’ve committed to a client base, it’s difficult to back out and decide that it isn’t right for you. How Make Money Online Free!

Almost any freelancer will tell you that you need to have thick skin when selling your services because some clients will fall in love with your work while others will tear it apart. It’s also beneficial to have good time management skills to deliver on time while maintaining a positive relationship with your clients. Additionally, to get more jobs, you must be comfortable with marketing yourself.

Furthermore, freelancing frequently necessitates making yourself available at various times. It is not uncommon to have clients located halfway around the world, making meetings or skype contact with them difficult. In keeping with that theme, you’ll want to be comfortable working with various demographics if you plan to expand your services geographically, which can significantly boost your earnings.

Finally, being a freelancer means you’re responsible for your earnings and expenses, which is crucial for tax season. You’ll need to keep track of everything that comes in and goes out so that you can file everything properly, which may necessitate purchasing software like quicken to assist you.

None of this is intended to discourage you from freelancing; rather, it is intended to provide you with an understanding of what it means to be a freelancer. If you’re still interested, you can move on to step number two.

Step 2: Decide what kind of service you’ll provide. Answering the following questions will help you decide what type of service you’ll sell online as a freelancer to supplement your income:

What do you like to do that doesn’t require you and your client to be in the same place at the same time? Do you, for example, find it easy to sit for hours on end writing about a specific topic, or are you enthralled by the challenge of creating one-of-a-kind, personality-filled web pages?

What is the scope of your knowledge? What specific area (s) of knowledge and training do you have that you could use to supplement your income online? Do you, for example, have a degree in computer programming, or are you an English teacher with proofreading and editing skills?

What abilities do you possess that others might find useful? To put it another way, what can you do that the average person can’t or won’t, thereby creating a need that you can fill?

How much of your time do you have to devote to freelancing? (this is important because if your time is limited, it may affect what and how many services you offer.)

It may be beneficial to create a business plan at this early stage. This will help you determine what you hope to gain from freelancing and where you want to go with it.

Step 3: Decide on a website where you will market your services. Now that you’ve decided what service or skill you want to sell, it’s time to choose a website or websites where you’ll sell it. Everyone has their own opinion about which website is “the best,” and I’ve found that this opinion is largely influenced by which one you’re familiar with and can navigate quickly.

Here are a few to consider if you’re not familiar with any of them:

Elance is a freelance writing platform. Elance is a popular freelancing website that allows you to market yourself as a writer, illustrator, administrative assistant, engineer, and more to potential clients all over the world. It’s easy to find work if you want it, with over 115,000 jobs posted in an average 30-day timeframe. Furthermore, some of their high-profile clients include Walt Disney, Microsoft, cisco, and the motley fool, providing you with opportunities to network with people who can help you advance your career if that is your ultimate goal.

Odesk is an online marketplace where you can hire people to do work for you. Although odesk and elance have merged, they are still two separate freelance websites for the time being. Web design, content writing, code development, seo, mobile app development, and data analysis are among their freelance specialties.

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to put your skills to work with them in areas like analysis, task management, and software development.

Fiverr is a website where you can hire someone to do something. To summarise, Fiverr pays freelancers in the same way that elance and odesk do, allowing you to supplement your income by supplying your skills to other businesses and professionals worldwide.

Guru is a term used to describe someone who knows joining guru is another freelancing option. If either of these interests you, they also have a legal section with over 21,000 available services and a management and finance section with over 160,000 opportunities to make money, in addition to the same types of services as elance, odesk, and Fiverr.

Step 4: Create your profile. The next step is to create your profile, whether you’ve decided to list your name and business on just one or several freelance sites. Some information is straightforward, such as your name and location, but others require a little more thought.

For example, you’ll need to know what service or services you’re going to offer and at what price (unless you’re using Fiverr, in which case your rate is $5 per gig at first, but you still need to know what you’re willing to offer for that price). If you’re not sure how much to charge, look at what others in your field are charging. Take into account your education and experience in comparison to theirs, and adjust your goals accordingly.

Prepare for clients who will try to haggle over your prices, and remember that the decision to lower or not lower them is always yours. You don’t want to put yourself in a situation where you agree to do a job for a fraction of what you’d normally charge, resenting both the client and the job and possibly regretting your freelancing decision.

Filling out as many of the sections as possible and using keywords to make it easier to find you is an important part of this step. If you get stuck at any point, look at the profiles of the site’s top freelancers to get an idea of how they completed each section. You’ll also get some pointers on what not to do, which is just as useful.

Make sure to include samples of your work or links to any previous work you’ve done on the internet. People like to see what you’re capable of before deciding whether or not to hire you, so make it as simple for them as possible.

At this point, you’ll also want to decide on your brand and logo. Some freelancers just use a headshot of themselves (you’ll want one that looks professional, even if your talent is creativity-based, to show that you take your craft seriously). In contrast, if you’re working to grow a business, an icon or logo may work best.

Step 5: Bring in new customers to your website. It’s time to start attracting new clients after you’ve finished your profile. Because each site is unique, you’ll want to experiment with those you’ve chosen to see what you can do to market yourself through their channels. How Make Money Online Free!

For example, if you choose to elance as your freelance platform (which I recommend), you can search for jobs and bid on them, enticing the potential client to choose you over the other freelancers. You may need to do the first few jobs for a lower rate to establish yourself, but once you do, you’ll be able to raise your rates because you’ll have a profile that demonstrates you’re deserving of the money.

One piece of advice for writing a good proposal is to tell the potential client what you can do for them rather than bragging about how great you are. Share how you could help them achieve their business goals to help them see how beneficial it would be to hire you.

Some freelancers will even provide a free sample to demonstrate their abilities and hopefully persuade the client to hire them. For example, if you provide content, you might want to write a 2-300 word snippet directly related to your job to demonstrate your abilities. The fact that you went the extra mile may be enough to persuade them to give you a chance.

When you’re negotiating with a potential client to try to close the deal, it’s critical to spell out exactly what you do and don’t do so that you both know what you’re getting into. You might even want to draft a contract that spells everything out in detail to avoid future misunderstandings.

If the client deserves it, when you finish a job, leave positive feedback for them. The more favorable you are to them, the more likely they will return to you or refer you to others in the future.

Step 6: Get the word out about your services on other websites. You can market your services elsewhere in addition to marketing yourself on the site or sites you’ve chosen to use to increase the number of clients you can get. You could, for example, create a web page to advertise your services (with a link back to your freelance site profile) and promote yourself on your social media pages to get your name out there.

Wix, Weebly, and WordPress are three free websites that make it relatively simple to create a website. Of course, if there are other services that they offer that you want, you can always upgrade and pay for your package. To encourage people to sign up for your services, consider giving away something free to your clients. E-books (which you’ll learn more about in chapter 8) are ideal for this, but so are free consultations or buy one, get one free deal.

Create business pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and any other social media platform you’re familiar with to promote your services. The more people who know about you, the more business you’ll get, so get your name and service offerings out there so people will remember you when they need something.

Step 7: Networking. When you get to know freelancers in your general area of expertise, you can refer your clients to one another if they need skills you don’t provide. This not only gets you more work, but it also establishes you as your client’s “go-to” person for all of their service needs.

Linkedin is also useful for this, as you can join various groups in which your target market is likely to be, allowing you to answer their questions and potentially gain work from them.

When you start getting clients, don’t forget to ask them to share your information with anyone they know who might be interested in your services. Referrals are beneficial to your business, and you can even reward them by offering a discount if the new prospect turns out to be a good fit.

The Advantages

Freelancing has several advantages, including the ability to devote as little or as much time to your service as you want, the opportunity to work with people from all over the world, and the ability to set your rates for the most part.

And, whether you’re new to freelancing or have been doing it for a long time, you’re essentially being compensated to learn and hone your craft. Each job you do improves your skills, thereby increasing the value you provide to the next client who hires you, similar to a paid apprenticeship.

Negative Features

One of the disadvantages of freelancing is that it can take a long time to build up your reputation and ratings to the point where you can earn a decent living. Furthermore, some fields have so many freelancers that the competition can be intimidating, not to mention the fact that you’ll be competing with others who are willing to undercut their prices to get the job.

A professional freelance writer, for example, can charge $1 per word or more for providing content to businesses. Still, it’s not uncommon to see a freelance writer offer to write 100 words for the same dollar. Although the quality may be inferior, some clients will hire them regardless, making it more difficult for you to obtain the prices you desire.

Another disadvantage is that you must constantly sell yourself, which takes a lot of time and effort and can be uncomfortable for some people. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for clients to test your boundaries, forcing you to defend yourself professionally and respectfully, no matter how much you want to tell them what you think.

Potential Earnings

As a freelancer, your earning potential is determined by various factors, including the amount of time you devote to it, your skill level, and the speed with which you can complete a project. As a result, some freelancers earn a few dollars per week on the side, while others earn a respectable six-figure income freelancing their talents full-time.

Many freelancers start part-time to gain experience and build their profiles before quitting their “day job” and risking not supporting themselves financially. Others, on the other hand, dive right in and figure out a way to make it work, so it’s entirely up to you and your level of bravery and courage (and how big your safety net is, financially speaking).

Ways to Earn Money Online

6- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Seo stands for search engine optimization, and it’s becoming more popular as a means of a person or business being found by their target market and earning top rankings on search engines like google and bing. Building niche websites and using them for affiliate marketing, selling your products, building the sites themselves and selling them for a profit, or simply selling seo-related services such as web content or seo optimized articles and backlinks are all ways to make money online with seo.

How To Go About It

Because these are two very different seo options, building websites for money and offering seo services for money, we’re going to separate them so you can follow them more easily. Let’s start with the first one: creating niche seo websites to sell products or build a site and then sell it. How Make Money Online Free!

The following are some steps that can assist you in doing so:

Step 1: Choose a topic that is specific to your niche. If you want to build a niche seo website, you must first decide on the niche topic. You want to specialize in it enough that your target market understands it is for them, but you also don’t want to narrow your field too much, excluding people who might otherwise be interested in what you have to offer.

Step 2: Design your seo-friendly website. Once you’ve decided on a niche market, you’ll need to create a website that speaks to your target audience in a language they can understand. Outline the advantages you provide and demonstrate how you can make their lives better, easier, or more enjoyable.

You can use free website builders such as Wix, Weebly, and WordPress if you are skilled at creating your website. You can also hire a freelance web designer from sites like elance, odesk, Fiverr, or guru to build one for you.

Step 3: Optimize your website for search engines. After your site is up and running, you must drive traffic to increase the number of people who will see what you have to offer. There are two different types of seo. On-page seo and off-page seo are two different types of SEO. How Make Money Online Free!

The value of your website’s content to search engines is referred to as on-page seo. They determine this based on several factors, including:

The title of your website’s page is the first and most important thing to consider. Use popular keywords on each page of your website to increase your search engine visibility.

Following that is your website’s/posts’ meta description. Although it is not visible on your website, it is present in the code. WordPress allows you to add custom metadata to each of your blog posts, which is extremely useful.

The headings on your website are the most important part of the written content. The keywords you use there will be indexed by search engines and have significantly more value than regular text keywords. How Make Money Online Free!

When you add images to your website, search engines cannot read them; however, if you include alt-text, they will do so. Furthermore, search engines believe that it will provide a better user experience if you have images on your website.

Finally, it’s critical to know how long your domain name has been registered. The longer a domain name has been in use, the better.

Off-page seo: while you can easily improve your on-page seo, taking care of your off-page seo takes more time and effort. As a result, off-page seo is far more important when determining your search engine ranking (around 75 percent of your ranking is dependant on off-page seo). On the internet, this is essentially your “authority.” you establish it by having a large number of other websites linking to yours.

Building backlinks is another name for this process. Seo agencies provide these services, or you can use a tool like Xrumer to help you generate backlinks. In both cases, it takes a long time (usually months) before it begins to work, and that is only if it is done correctly. Some people employ so-called “black hat” strategies, which are usually punished by search engines with a ban, so stay away from them at all costs.

Step 4: Make money from your website. It’s time to start monetizing your website once you’ve established some traffic. You can do this by selling your niche products or using affiliate marketing.

If you have a lot of visitors, you can also use Google AdSense to make money.

Whatever method you use to monetize your website, you should make a profit if you can attract enough visitors interested in what you have to offer. Profits will be even greater if you monetize them in more ways than one.

Step 5: Sell your niche website if you want to. If you can get your website to the top of google’s search results, you’ll be able to sell it for a good profit. Then you have the option of either sitting on the money or building and selling more websites.

For a healthy profit and a steady stream of income.

The second seo option is to provide seo-related services to your customers. If creating websites to market and sell isn’t your strong suit, here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Determine which seo services you are qualified to provide. What are your seo-related strengths, and what are you willing and able to offer your client? Are you interested in doing on-page seo, or would you rather do an off-page seo? Some seo providers, for example, are freelance writers who are capable of creating keyword-driven content that is rich in links, as well as optimizing titles, headlines, and tags for the same positive effects. How Make Money Online Free!

They understand how to properly place various keywords in various locations throughout your website to land you on page one of your target market’s search results. You might also be interested in establishing authority on the internet for the benefit of others. This entails establishing high-quality links to their websites as well as spreading the word through social media.

Step 2: Select a platform and create a profile for it. Elance, odesk, Fiverr, and guru are just a few of the places where you can offer your freelance services. Choose one to begin with and sign up to use their services. Create a profile and portfolio to show off your abilities and entice potential clients to work with you. is a great place to start offering your seo services because people don’t expect miracles or the top spot on google for $5. As a result, it’s an excellent location for honing your skills. It has the potential to bring in a large number of orders as well. This is the most profitable niche on Fiverr, and some people and small businesses who specialize in it earn six figures. How Make Money Online Free!

You can even create your website and set up a platform there if you’re confident enough. The more places online where you can be found, the better your chances of finding work and earning more money are.

Step 3: Acquire the necessary equipment. You will need to equip yourself with some tools to provide better and more efficient service to your clients. Use a plagiarism checker for your website’s content (like, a keyword tool like wordstream, a content tool like anchor text optimization tool, and a seo image tool on-page seo. These are just a few of the essential tools you’ll need to ensure that you’re optimizing your clients’ on-page seo effectively. How Make Money Online Free!

Let’s take a look at some of the best software for building backlinks. To get to the top of the google search results, you must first defeat the competition.

Using a backlink checker like link-is assistant is highly recommended if you want to know what you’re up against. Xrumer by botmasters lab is without a doubt the best tool on the market for building backlinks. On, the most successful seo experts use this tool.

Step 4: Find new customers. Simply use some of the tips provided under freelancing (chapter 5) to bring in new clients via the internet to build up some business. This will help you attract potential clients’ attention, increasing the likelihood of choosing you over your competitors as their seo service provider.

Consider where you might find people who could benefit from seo services. For instance, you might want to look for forums and groups that include new small business owners trying to make their way in the world, as well as current business owners looking to boost their profits.

Don’t be afraid to approach local businesses as well, as they may benefit from your services. You can contact them with suggestions for improving their website, such as demonstrating that you can help them without having to go out of their way to find you.

Step 5: Promote your services to the public. If you want to attract many customers, you must market your services and other online money-making ventures. This entails promoting yourself or your company on social media, posting on forums, and sharing what you can do with SEO. How Make Money Online Free!

Guest blogging is another excellent way to promote your seo services. It establishes you as an expert in your field, causing others to want to collaborate with you. It also increases the number of people you can reach by leveraging other people’s followers to generate additional revenue.

Step 6: Make your website monetizable. Why not set up your site to earn commissions by becoming an affiliate marketer for seo products and programs that complement what you have to offer if you’re selling seo services? This provides you with two income streams while also giving your clients the impression that you provide “full service.”

Step 7: Keep a record of your financial transactions. Because seo is all about page rank and driving traffic to your site, stats and analytics that show the number of people who interacted with you online makes it relatively easy to keep track of your ability to do these things. Some are included with the sites you create (for example, websites allow you to check your statistics at any time), and others can be added if they aren’t.

Make use of this data to figure out what is and isn’t working for you. Change things around and see how your numbers change. You will be more profitable if you know more about what connects with your target market.

The Advantages

A distinct advantage of seo-related work is that few people truly understand how it works, so you’re already a sought-after expert if you do. Furthermore, having access to analytics allows you to quickly determine what works and what doesn’t, allowing you to become more proficient at your job and provide concrete numbers to potential clients to entice them to use you. How Make Money Online Free!

Negative Features

One of the most significant disadvantages of seo is that the rules are constantly changing. What might get you a top google ranking today won’t necessarily help you rank tomorrow, so you have to stay one step ahead of the game by constantly learning about what drives the most popular search engines.

Furthermore, if you choose to build and sell seo websites, the process takes a long time. As a result, you’ll need the patience to stick with it until it grows large enough for someone else to be willing to pay top dollar for it.

Potential Earnings

The amount of money you can make with seo is determined by which path you take. If you choose to build and sell websites, for example, a single site can bring you millions of dollars if you find the right buyer.

Full-time seo service providers typically earn between $30,000 and $250,000 per year, depending on the services they provide and their job responsibilities. Certainly, that is a wide range, but it all depends on your knowledge, experience, and ability to perform excellent seo work with proven results.

7- E-Books

Creating and selling your e-book, or using it as a free giveaway to get more people to sign up for your site and increase your affiliate marketing revenue, is a great way to make money online. E-books help you establish yourself as an expert in your field, boost your credibility, and demonstrate your expertise in a specific subject area.

How To Go About It

Although it may appear that writing an e-book is a massive task that you will never be able to complete, this is simply not the case. If you follow these simple steps, it can be pretty simple to do:

Step 1: Choose a topic for your essay. What do you want to write about in your e-book? One way to answer this is to think of a topic or idea that your target audience would be interested in learning more about. If you’re using your e-book as a free giveaway to entice readers to subscribe to your site, this is critical.

E-books that are narrowly focused perform better than large books that cover a broad topic. As a result, keep this in mind as you decide what to write about. However, avoid being overly specific, which may reduce the number of people interested in reading your e-book. How Make Money Online Free!

Step 2: Make a rough outline of your project. Determine the type of information you want to include in your e-book and organize it into a logical outline. Consider that your reader will be unfamiliar with the subject at hand, so begin with the basics and work your way up to the more complex or difficult to comprehend information.

E-books are available in various sizes, ranging from a few pages to hundreds of pages, so decide which one you want. Smaller e-books are ideal for giveaways, whereas larger e-books are better for for-profit sales.

Step 3: Writing your e-book. Now that you’ve mapped out your strategy, it’s time to sit down and write. This step’s sole purpose is to get your thoughts down on paper. So don’t try to edit as you go, or you’ll end up with writer’s block, which will put a halt to your progress. How Make Money Online Free!

It can be beneficial to turn off your monitor and simply write. Sure, you’ll probably make a few spelling mistakes, but that’s fine. You’ll deal with them in the next step, so keep your creative juices flowing by simply writing down your thoughts as they come to you.

If you don’t enjoy writing, you can always hire a ghostwriter to do it for you on sites like elance or odesk. Be thorough in your search and try to find someone who writes in the style you want for your book, as this will help you avoid a lot of problems if you hire them.

Step 4: Revise, revise, revise some more. This is the step that will transform your e-book from dreadful to fantastic. You want to edit your content and keep editing it until it’s exactly where you want it to be, which usually means editing it multiple times.

While you might be tempted to edit your e-book, it is strongly advised that you hire someone to do it for you (such as an editor on one of the freelance sites). Because your mind already knows what you are trying to say, it is easy for you to see words that aren’t there or miss ones that are but shouldn’t be. With someone else, you won’t have this problem because they’ll be reading your content for the first time, making it easier for them to spot errors and mistakes.

Another advantage of having someone else read your e-book for editing purposes is that we’re often so attached to our own words and concepts that we’ll leave them in even if they don’t add value. Kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even if it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings, as Stephen King put it in his book on writing. An editor can assist you with this because they aren’t as close to your “darlings” as you are.

Step 5: Create an e-book that is compatible with a variety of devices. It’s time to format your book for the various devices that have been written and edited. If you don’t know how to do it or don’t have a lot of time to figure it out, you might want to hire a freelancer for this. When you do, it will save you hours (if not days) of time and money in the long run.

Some websites will take care of a lot of the formatting for you. If you want to sell your book on Amazon, for example, you can use their kindle direct publishing (kdp) program, which requires minimal formatting and converts it to the various formats when you upload it. If you choose to sell your book on Smashwords, the formatting is a little more involved. However, they do provide a freestyle guide that can help.

Step 6: Create a cover that will catch people’s attention. No one will even open your e-book to read it if it doesn’t have an interesting or compelling cover. As a result, choosing the right one is critical for your book’s marketing. This, too, should be outsourced unless you’re a graphic design wizard. Keep in mind that you only have a fraction of a second to make a good first impression, so it’s an investment well worth making.

The investment was well worth it. How Make Money Online Free!

If you’re not sure what you want your cover to look like, go to a bookstore or look online to see what catches your eye. Take note of the colors they use, the fonts they use, the size of the writing, and which photos or images they use to draw your attention. If you use these same eye-catching characteristics on your cover, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

Step 7: Create an e-book that you can sell or give away. This step requires you to either upload your completed e-book to your website for sale or giveaway or a third-party site such as amazon kindle direct publishing (kdp) or Smashwords.

But, if you’re selling your e-book, you’ll first need to figure out how much you’ll charge. Other authors have differing opinions on this, ranging from keeping it at $0.99 to charging a few dollars to make it worth their time, but the price point you choose for your e-book is ultimately up to you.

Just keep in mind that if you’re selling, it isn’t your website. It may have an impact on the amount you make. For example, if you sell it on Amazon for less than $2.99, you’ll only get a 35% royalty, but if you set the price at $2.99, you’ll get a 75% royalty.

You can earn a 70% royalty if you spend $2.99 or more, which is a significant difference that can quickly add up. As a result, I strongly advise you to set your book’s price in the 70 percent royalty range.

Step 8: Promote your e-book on the internet. Naturally, no one will read your e-book if they are unaware that it exists, so you will need to promote it. Make a public announcement on your website and social media pages about its release. Make your readers excited about it and want to get their hands on a copy right away.

Post snippets from your e-book so that others can get a sense of the type of information it contains. Provide some customer testimonials to persuade them that it is worthwhile for them to read. How Make Money Online Free!

You can also join book-related websites such as Goodreads to put yourself in front of your readers. To familiarise others with you and your content, leave comments on discussions and join groups.

Step 9: Increase the number of e-books you’re writing. The more e-books you publish, the more credible you become and the more accessible you become to your target audience. Furthermore, if someone enjoys one of your e-books, it encourages them to read more of your work, resulting in increased revenue. Generally speaking,

At least five books should be published under your name, according to the recommendation. How Make Money Online Free!

The Advantages

Writing e-books has become so popular in recent years that everyone is doing it, resulting in a generally low quality of self-published e-books. However, this is beneficial to you because it allows you to enter this highly competitive market with high-quality content.

Another advantage is that once your e-book is written, you’ve completed most of the work, except for marketing. This allows you to earn money for months, years, or even decades after you’ve completed the work.

If you write more than one e-book, you’ll develop a following of readers who will buy all of your future e-books, resulting in a more stable income. You’re attracting devoted fans who will gladly pay you just to hear what you have to say, which is great for your bank account. How Make Money Online Free!

Negative Features

Although having a lot of competition is a pro in e-books, it is also a disadvantage. It can be difficult to get your name out there when so many new authors flood the market. As a result, marketing becomes the most important factor in your success.

Potential Earnings

The majority of authors will tell you that writing and selling an e-book is not a viable way to make money. Unfortunately, some authors are unable to recoup their investment in bringing their book to life. So, unless you make it big and get your name on the bestseller list, you probably won’t be able to support your family solely through e-book writing.

However, some books generate a significant amount of revenue right away. One of them is fifty shades of grey, which just goes to show that once you have it, you have it forever. And you can make a lot of money if you do it right.

How To Make Money On Fiverr

8- Apps For Mobile Devices

An app is a program or software designed to meet a specific need, and making money with mobile apps has been a profitable way to make money since Apple launched their app store. How Make Money Online Free!

There are two options when it comes to mobile apps. The first option is to train as a programmer and either develop your apps or those for others. If programming isn’t your thing, you can always outsource it, but you can still profit from mobile apps in another way: by creating and monetizing an app that solves a specific problem.

How To Go About It

We’re going to focus on monetizing your app because programming an app is such a unique skill that it could take up the entire book. However, if you want to make money from your app, this still applies to programming, so it’s still relevant to increase your earnings. How Make Money Online Free!

The following are some of the steps you can take:

Step 1: Determine what problem your app will solve or what need it will meet. Every app on the market must solve a problem or meet a need, so you must determine which one you will do and how it will do it. Is your goal, for example, to entertain users by developing a game or to improve their productivity by developing an app that helps them prioritize their to-do list? How Make Money Online Free!

Step 2: Figure out how you’re going to make money off your mobile app. There are three different ways to monetize your mobile app. To begin, you can choose to make the app a paid app rather than a free one. This means that when users download your app to their device, they will be charged a one-time fee.

The second option is to make your app free to download and then integrate advertisements into it using sites like iad or by selling other apps to your customers. This type of affiliate marketing can generate revenue by encouraging your users to buy and use the products and services of your affiliates.

Offering in-app purchases is the third and, in most cases, most profitable option. This generates a steady stream of revenue from your customers over time.

Whatever path you take, you should plan this information ahead of time to develop your app is easier and better prepared to earn more money.

Step 3: Create your app. There are a few websites that can assist you in creating your own. How Make Money Online Free!

Own apps for free, such as ibuildapp and app maker, but if you find the process too difficult, you might want to hire a freelance app developer instead. You should also look at the top app charts to see which apps are the most popular. When deciding on the functionality of your app, try to create something similar to a successful app but better in some way, as this will increase your chances of success by giving you market validation and an advantage over the competition.

Screen resolution (too many features will slow your app down), colors (simple is generally better), easy-to-use buttons that self-describe what they are for, font size (readable but not too big), and having a cursor that can be manipulated with ease by fingertip are just a few of the key areas you will want to pay attention to when creating your app.

If you want to save money upfront, you may have to choose whether to develop your app for android or iphone only. If this is the case, start with the iphone because it appears to generate more revenue, which you can then use to create an android app.

Step 4: Creating a game. Games are the most profitable apps, as evidenced by the top charts on the app store and google play. The best working formula for a game is to make it free to download, complicated to complete, and include in-app purchases that allow users to complete the game’s challenges more easily.

It may appear simple, but creating a game necessitates either being an excellent programmer or having a large sum of money to invest in outsourcing the process. There’s good news! Buildbox, a game builder from the game academy, was recently released. It is a simple to use software that does not require coding and comes with many pre-made objects and detailed instructions on using it to create a top-selling game.

Even though the program costs 2,675 dollars, it is a worthwhile investment. It is, however, financially worthwhile because it allows you to export your game not only to ios and android but also to windows and mac. This will enable you to reach out to a much larger audience. How Make Money Online Free!

Step 5: Promote your app on social media. Don’t be fooled by the adage, “if you build it, they will come.” because simply having an app on the market does not guarantee that others will rush to download it; you’ll need to inform them of its existence and pique their interest to the point where they don’t want to go another minute without it.

You should link to your app from your website, social media, forums, and any other internet-based vehicle to drive traffic to your app, just like you would with your other online money-making ideas. Facebook, for instance, has an ads section.

For an apps campaign that allows you to reach out to a larger audience. Additionally, various websites provide app reviews and having your app listed on as many of those websites as possible will significantly boost your visibility.

Optional: sell your app at the end of the process. You might even decide to sell your app for a profit if you create one that has taken the world by storm. After all, you can always make another one and earn a higher income, as well as a windfall of cash once that one is well-known as well. How Make Money Online Free!

The Advantages

One of the best things about mobile apps is that all you have to do after making them is market them. The difficult part has already been accomplished. Furthermore, with the increasing use of smartphones, pads, and tablets, you already have a large customer base.

Negative Features

A major disadvantage of apps is that, even if they are free, it takes a lot of effort to make your app stand out from the crowd. To turn people’s heads, you’ll need a unique and innovative idea, which isn’t always easy to come up with. How Make Money Online Free!

Potential Earnings

You can make six figures with the right app because of in-app purchases and affiliate marketing, even if it’s free. Clash of clans, for example, generates more than $150,000 per day in revenue, while pandora comes in just shy of that at $150,000 per day.

As of May 2, 2012, the top free app was piano tiles, and it didn’t earn a cent. Not one dime. So, making it big doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to strike it rich at the same time. That means that you have to find a way to make your app profitable, not just desirable if you want to quit your day job.

9- Using The Internet To Sell Physical Products

Selling physical products on sites such as Amazon and eBay is another way to make money online. While you may not be able to make a living selling your items (unless you have access to a large number of low-cost items that you can turn around quickly), you can assist others in selling their items and earn a small commission in the process.

How To Go About It

What’s the first step in starting a business? Here are a few easy steps to follow:

Step 1: Find a product to sell. Finding a product to sell is the first step in making this internet business work. Fortunately, there are several options available. For example, you can begin by looking around your house to see what you no longer want or need, as selling your unwanted or unused items is a great way to get them out of your house without having to throw them away. The key to making a lot of money with them is to make sure they’re still in good, if not excellent, shape.

However, some people sell broken items online, and others may purchase them to repair them and resell them. So, in essence, nothing is off-limits (“one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”) as long as you are honest about it and market it appropriately.

Another option is to go to the yard and garage sales (as well as swap meets, flea markets, and antique sales) because you can sometimes find great deals that you can resell online. You can make a lot of money off other people’s no longer wanted goods, whether the item you purchased is in good condition already or you have the skills to refinish it.

If you find a great deal at a retail or even wholesale store, you can buy directly from them and resell the items for a profit. For this purpose, liquidation sales, going out of business sales, and discontinued items are ideal. Just keep in mind that purchasing items solely for resale may necessitate paying tax on them, so consult with an accountant before going that route. How Make Money Online Free!

Items that appeal to a niche market are good items to consider selling. Hobbyists enjoy looking for unusual items on the internet, so this is an area where you can excel.

Are you still undecided about what you should sell? eBay has a selling inspiration house that can assist you in finding “best-selling items in your home.” simply choose a room and an item to work with, then click “add to cart.” How Make Money Online Free!

It will inform you of how much they are currently selling for on the internet.

Step 2: Select a platform and sign up for an account. Now that you’ve got something to sell, it’s time to figure out where you’re going to sell it. Amazon and eBay are two of the most well-known websites. You can also use craigslist (best for larger items like cars and furniture), Etsy (better if your item is handmade), and thread flip to sell your item (if it is clothing you want to get rid of).

Make sure to read each one thoroughly, so you know exactly what is expected of you as a seller and how much commission they will take. Some will also charge you a subscription fee, so you’ll want to double-check everything before signing up.

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll need to create an account to list and receive payment. So, choose the one (or ones) that is best for you and the items you want to get rid of and fill out all of the required information to create an account.

You will also be required to provide payment information to receive your money from them. You can always open a PayPal account and accept payments that way if you want to keep your bank information private. (PayPal has fees, so you’ll have to factor that into the cost and decide whether it’s worth it given what you’re selling.)

Purchasing something from a site before listing your items for sale is a great way to figure out which one you prefer. As a result, you’ll have firsthand knowledge of how things work from the buyer’s perspective, allowing you to account for them when selling your products online. How Make Money Online Free!

Step 3: Make sure your listing is in top shape for the best possible results. You should include your product’s benefits and features in your listing to get the best results. For example, screen size, resolution, and other features of television are features. At the same time, benefits include being able to see the television more clearly, having a flat screen that doesn’t take up too much space, and being able to see your favorite sports up close, almost as if you were there in person.

Also, make sure that your product description is complete. The more information you give about what you’re selling, the easier it will be for people to figure out if it’s what they want. Consider yourself a buyer, and include all of the information you’d want to know if you were making the purchase yourself.

It’s beneficial to be familiar with the jargon used on popular selling websites. For example, the letters bn and vtg stand for brand new and vintage, respectively. Htf is a symbol for a

Vgc states that the item is in excellent condition, which is true.

Make a point of highlighting any aspects of your product that are unique or distinct. You’ll have a better chance of selling your product if you can make it “one of a kind.”

Make your listing keyword-rich so that anyone looking for your product can find it quickly. Do you have any doubts about which ones to use? Consider the words you’d use to search for the item and only use those words. If the brand is likely to make a difference, include it. How Make Money Online Free!

Your product photographs (the more, the better) must be of excellent quality. You’re not going to give prospective buyers a good feeling if they’re fuzzy or too far away. Also, make sure the surrounding environment is pleasant, as people prefer to buy from people who appear to care for their belongings.

If you’re having trouble with any of these, look up other people’s listings and use them as templates for your own. Just make sure to pick a top seller so you can learn how to create a successful ad rather than one that goes unnoticed.

Step 4: Decide how much you’re willing to pay. In terms of price, this one may necessitate some investigation. Look up the item you’re selling on google and see what other people are asking for it. However, you’ll want to consider the condition yours before determining a price. How Make Money Online Free!

You can sell your item through a traditional auction or a set price, depending on the site you intend to use. Auction means you sell to the highest bidder (and you may want to set a minimum price, so you don’t effectively give it away), whereas set price means you sell to anyone who wants it for the price you’re asking.

If you have a collection of smaller items that you don’t want to price individually, consider grouping them and selling them as a package. This may also entice a buyer because they will be getting multiple items for a single price.

Another point to consider is that some successful sellers provide free shipping to attract customers. It’s simple to do because all you have to do is add this amount to your base price. One caveat: because shipping costs vary depending on location, it is not always the same price. If you choose to go this route, you’ll want to keep this in mind.

Step 5: Create an Amazon or eBay listing for your product. You’ll want to time your listing so that you get the most out of it when you decide to list your product. If you only have a 10-day window, for example, you might want to post your product on a Thursday so that it will be available online for two weekends. How Make Money Online Free!

You get a lot of bang for your buck with this purchase.

Another thing to think about is whether your product is seasonal or in high demand at specific times of the year. If this is the case, you might want to hold off on selling it until you can get the most money out of it.

Step 6: Make a marketing campaign for your product. To draw attention to your product, post it on social media sites, your website, in forums, or anywhere else on the internet you can think of. You never know what might happen. Even if the people you’re trying to reach out to aren’t interested in it, they might know someone who is. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Step 7: Negotiate the terms of the agreement. You’re ready to close the deal once you’ve identified a specific buyer. This is an excellent opportunity to confirm details such as price and delivery and answer any questions they may have.

This is also the location where you will receive payment. Before shipping your item, you must complete this step not to send it and never receive compensation.

Step 8: Get your product to the customer. You’ll want to make sure your item arrives in the same condition as it left you, so pack it carefully. This can be accomplished by adding extra padding to the package to prevent unintentional breakage or damage by the shipping company. You can even take pictures of your item as it is being packaged and the finished box to show what condition it was in when it was delivered to you.

Then ship it according to the site’s instructions, getting a tracking number and insurance if you want to be extra safe or the item is valuable. Having your buyer sign for it ensures that they received it, as well as protecting you from con artists who claim it never arrived.

Step 9: Increase the size of your product-based company. You need positive feedback from the people you sell to survive and grow on sites like eBay in the long run. Keep this in mind because every interaction you have with your customers has the potential to either promote or detract from your company’s success.

Maintaining good communication with them throughout the process will aid in the development of a positive buyer/seller relationship. Check your email frequently, and avoid listing items if you’ll be gone for an extended period, as this may reflect poorly on you as a seller. How Make Money Online Free!

Optional tenth step: offer your services as a salesperson to others. You can always start a business by selling other things once you’ve mastered the art of selling items online.

For a fee, they will handle other people’s belongings. Begin with family and friends, and then expand to the rest of the community.

The majority of people want to make extra money from their unwanted items but are unsure how to go about doing so. They don’t have to because you’re their seller, and you can make a decent profit simply by acting as a middleman (or woman, whichever the case may be). How Make Money Online Free!

The Advantages

One great benefit of this online money-making option is that it allows you to de-clutter your home while also earning extra cash. It’s similar to having an online garage sale where your unwanted items magically transform into cash. You can also do an extensive business out of it if you can find a great product to resell with a nice profit.

Negative Features

One obvious disadvantage is that, depending on what you’re selling and its condition, you may or may not be able to find buyers for your items, which means you’ve wasted time and money. Furthermore, you must be extremely cautious throughout the process to ensure that payment is secured and that your goods are shipped correctly, or you risk losing any potential profits from selling your goods online.

Potential Earnings

You’re not going to make a lot of money selling physical items online unless you have something to resell that is in high demand and brings you a good profit (usually, these are cosmetics, clothes, etc.). As a result, this option is probably best suited to providing you with some extra spending money or money to put away in a rainy day fund.

However, some people have claimed to make $50,000 or more per year solely by selling goods to internet buyers, so it all depends on what you’re selling, how much it’s worth, and how quickly you can move the goods.

10- Cryptocurrencies Are The Tenth And Final Item On The List (Bitcoins)

Last but not least, there’s the possibility of earning money online. This book, which I’d like to introduce to you, is about cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the most well-known of these. A bitcoin is an unofficial digital currency that allows you to conduct transactions without using a middleman (bank) or physical currency, such as bills and coins (although there is a physical bitcoin known as a capacious bitcoin, it is not widely used).

You can make money with cryptocurrencies in two ways: by mining or trading them. There are many other cryptocurrencies, known as altcoins, that exist in addition to bitcoin. Litecoin and Dogecoin are the most popular ones.

How To Go About It

First, we’ll look at the mining industry. Because cryptocurrencies do not have a bank to handle all of the transactions, they require a network to support the currency. This process (known as mining) is open to everyone, and those who participate are rewarded. Every 10 minutes, for example, a “block” of the bitcoin algorithm is solved, and a reward of 25 bitcoins is distributed. How Make Money Online Free!

This will continue until the final bitcoin has been mined. A total of 21 million bitcoins will be available. Asics, or application-specific integrated circuits, are used to mine bitcoins. Unless you have a large sum of money to invest, I recommend mining some alternative coins (such as bitcoin or dogecoin) using your computer.

The steps to take are listed below.

Step 1: The first step is to purchase a computer with a good graphics card.GPU stands for graphics processing unit, and you should choose a Radeon GPU over an Nvidia GPU because Radeon GPUs have faster mining speeds.

Step 2: Get yourself a wallet. Get a bitcoin wallet or a bitcoin wallet from or, respectively. Depending on whether you want a wallet for your computer or mobile device or want one for the web, you have a few different options to choose from.

Hive, xapo, armory, multibit, and wallet, mycelium, and a slew of other options are among the many available. Each one has its level of security, transparency, level of control over your money, and other features, allowing you to pick and choose where you want to keep your bitcoins.

As a side note, back up your wallet to protect yourself from computer problems or your errors and encrypt it so that no one can access it.

Use a mac computer if you have the opportunity, as they are more secure.

Cryptocurrency storage is more efficient on mobile devices than on desktop computers.

Step 3: Get your hands on some mining software. To start the mining process, you’ll need to download software, such as guiminer, which is suitable for beginners. Other options are available, but they can cost up to $12,000, so they’re not ideal for someone looking for a part-time job. How Make Money Online Free!

Step 4: Create an account. Now that your software is installed on your computer, you must create an account by creating a username and password.

Step 5: Start the application. At this point, you’ll want to start the software so you can start looking for bitcoins, which are designed to become increasingly difficult to locate as you get closer to the final one. They’ll be added to your account as you discover them.

Step 6: Mine in ponds and pools. You may choose to mine in groups or pools to increase your chances of solving a “block” and splitting the reward with the other pool members. Slush’s pool, also known as bitcoins, is one of the most well-known. Joining a pool is required because mining alone will not yield a single coin unless you have millions to invest in mining hardware. How Make Money Online Free!

You can do this to make some extra money if you are not interested in the mining process and prefer to trade instead. This is the option I strongly recommend because the initial investment is lower and your chances of success are higher:

Step 1: Decide which exchange you’d like to participate in. There are numerous exchanges to choose from, including BTC-e, Huobi, and bitstamp, among the most well-known. If you’re not sure which is the best option for you, you can always hire a bitcoin broker to assist you. However, I will recommend BTC-e, which I use because it is very secure and offers trading with various coins and automated trading, allowing you to experiment. Deposits in USD, euro, GBP, and cash are also accepted.

Step 2: Invest as if you were buying and selling stocks. When trading bitcoins, the same rules apply as when trading stocks. Your objective is to purchase at a low price and sell at a high price. If you’ve ever tried your hand at the stock market, you know it’s not always easy, but if you’re good at it, you can make a lot of money.

Here are a few trading tips to help you minimize your risk. Let’s say you invested $2,000 and deposited the funds in your trading account. First and foremost, do not spend all of your money on a single coin. Not more than half of them should be used. For instance, if you notice an upward trend in the charts and decide to buy,

Expect the price to rise in the future. You can buy 1000 dollars worth of coins and keep the rest in us dollars. This way, if the price drops, you can wait and buy more coins at the “bottom,” allowing you to cut your losses and even profit quickly when the price rises again.

This is a very volatile market, so remain calm and patient. Never panic, sell your coins at a huge loss, and never be afraid of missing out on a big deal. Trading is a game and the players who are the most patient win.

You may have heard of people selling bitcoins for hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the price is not as volatile these days, so don’t get too excited. Not attempt to make a large profit from a single trade. Concentrate on making small profits of 1% or less. Your objective should be to make a 1% profit in 1-3 days, allowing you to multiply your investment 5-10 times a year. How Make Money Online Free!

This isn’t difficult because bitcoin’s daily volatility is usually between 3% and 6%. You will also master the trading process and learn a skill that will bring you money for the rest of your life in this way. How Make Money Online Free!

You should also keep an eye on a few places where you can learn about what is going on in the bitcoin world to see if anything is causing the price to rise or fall. A list of such websites to visit daily is provided below:

Step 3: Ensure that your account is secure. Because these exchanges deal with money, they are a very appealing target for hackers. Btc-e employs a two-factor authentication system that you must enable. This ensures that even if your password is stolen, no one will be able to access your funds. It’s also a good idea to change your password every few months. How Make Money Online Free!

The Advantages

One of the biggest advantages is that one bitcoin is worth several hundred dollars (the general range is between $300 and $1,000), which is an excellent exchange rate in any market. Plus, they are easier to use because they have lower taxes than other payment methods such as debit or credit cards (almost none).

Furthermore, bitcoins can be used anywhere in the world, making them a globally accepted form of currency. Another advantage is that they do not contain sensitive financial information, making them the preferred payment method for those who do not want to share their personal information, as is the case with debit and credit cards.

Negative Features

One disadvantage is that, because bitcoins are still relatively new, not everyone, including merchants, accepts them. And, because they are virtual, they cannot be protected, making it possible for people to steal or otherwise take them from you without your permission (as happened in late 2012 with over $1.2 million worth of bitcoins), and there is no financial backing if this happens.

Another disadvantage of bitcoins is that they are extremely volatile, making them susceptible to even minor events and activities. Their volatility is expected to decrease as they become more widely accepted, but they are still considered unstable until that happens. How Make Money Online Free!

Furthermore, if you lose your virtual wallet, your bitcoins are permanently lost. They can’t be resurrected in any way.

Potential Earnings

When comparing the two methods discussed, trading is a better way to make money online with bitcoins than mining because mining hardware is expensive, reducing your chances of making a profit. You can multiply your investment 5-10 times in just one year, as I mentioned in the trading section. Of course, there is a risk, so you should always exercise extreme caution.


It is possible to make money online, and you now have a list of the top ten viable options from which to choose. Try one or all of them to see which one works best for you, your family, and your desired outcome. How Make Money Online Free!

Some are more suitable for hobbies (such as bitcoins and Fiverr), while others can easily support you and your family (such as mobile apps and seo). However, none of them will work unless you devote the necessary time and effort to them.

There is no such thing as easy money; there is only the ability to become more efficient and effective to receive it faster and less effort. It should, hopefully, now.

Now go out there and make some money using nothing but your computer and an internet connection. This is within your grasp!

So, how about you and I go over the book’s table of contents and take a look around? Let’s get started right away on establishing your online independence. Take a pen and a piece of paper and write down the three methods that appeal to you the most. Then pick the one that feels most natural to you and give it a shot.

I know you can do it because I’ve done it before. I’m confident that you’ll be able to pull this off. How Make Money Online Free!

How Fiverr Makes Money

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