How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

Make Money As A Freelance Writer
Make Money As A Freelance Writer

How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

Whether you desire a profitable side hustle or you want a full-time income from home, writing freelance might be a terrific alternative. Learn How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer!

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to start as a freelance writer. Many writers have difficulty finding ways to make enough money to replace 9 to 5 full-time jobs.

They didn’t know how to move away from low-paid customers who don’t pay their money.

Learn How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer

Fortunately, you don’t have to be that. There are established ways for well-paid freelance writing employment that can give you solid income. In this article, we’ll take you through all you need to know as a freelance writer regarding making money.

You may want to know the amount of money you can make in a year before starting writing freelance. The amount you produce relies on many aspects, like the type of work you write, the industry you service, etc.

Zip Recruiter states that the average freelance writing job in the US pays about $30 per hour. If you did so in full, you’d earn $63,213 a year.

That said, many freelance writers pay far more. In general, the more expertise a job needs, the greater it pays. Writing about business, finance, and IT security generates more cash than writing pop culture puff articles. If you are a freelance writer, try focusing on topics where a certain level of competence is needed. Learn How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer!

Step 1: Create a website that is free to write

Create a website that is free to write
Create a website that is free to write

The first step in getting money from freelance writing is to build a website.

You may quickly start a website with a WordPress, Ghost, Wix, or Squarespace service.

Find out Best Free Table of Contents WordPress Plugins

You should consider developing a menu on your website containing these pages in addition to your homepage:

About Page

It gives you some details on how you can aid a customer. Talk about your expertise and essential background information such as schooling, past jobs, certificates, etc.

Hire Me Page 

This page should include details on what you are doing and why a customer should hire you. Include all necessary information on how you work, the services you provide, the amount you charge, etc. Some of your testimonies from former customers could be placed here.

Portfolio Page 

This area should list and demonstrate the best writing samples you have. If you have already written freelancing, add the projects that you sent to customers. If you have not yet found any customers, consider creating relevant samples on your own or a website such as Medium (more on samples in a bit).

Contact Me Page 

This area offers a means for customers to contact you. It can also include links to your social media networks or email address.


Finally, a page dedicated to your blog entries should also be available.

A blog allows you to monetize your website through affiliate marketing, which provides additional revenue for you, besides working as a literary portfolio. Affiliate Marketing is when you receive a small fee when someone clicks and buys the product on your website to refer to a product or service.

Make sure what you share on your blog resonates with potential customers. For example, if you are looking to write for marketing companies, your dog will probably not help with a blog post. Learn How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer!

Step 2: Find Significant Niches for which you are comfortable writing

Next, you have to choose niches/industries about which you like to write and comfort. However, you must also make sure that your chosen niche/industry makes a substantial profit as a freelance writer.

You may have a passion for painting, for example. While this is excellent, will it be easy to connect to companies in this industry? Does the painting industry demand a lot of content? Perhaps. But choosing a niche that is restricted makes it difficult for a freelance writer to gain ground.

On the other hand, the financial specialty fast has the potential for significant earnings, as there are tonnes of enterprises in the field, and new content is always required.

In other words, find a specialty or business you both enjoy and have enough demand. You could write for financial journals or blogs, debt management agencies, or investment corporations if you opted for the finance niche. Learn How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer!

Step 3: Decide What Freelance Writing You Do

Freelance Writing
Freelance Writing

Then you have to think about the kind of freelance writing you want to accomplish. There are many different forms of writing, each with different advantages and disadvantages.


You can routinely produce blog entries for brands, coaches, small companies, and others. Blogging can provide steady jobs and revenue for you, with more and more firms relying on search traffic to gain new consumers. To be successful, you must know how to write intriguing titles that attract people and create a post to keep people reading.

If you want to become more marketable, you may add more attention to this writing style by focusing on long-form blog pieces. These posts are more extensive since they are between 2,000 and 5,000 words and need you to be better acquainted with the field.

Ghost Writing

A ghostwriter writes without being attributed content to companies, corporations, writers, or periodicals. While you will not receive a supplementary line for this job, you can generally charge more for this work. From eBooks to blog entries to full-length books, you can write anything. The amount you charge depends on the industry, length, and content.

Writing of an Article

You might also create articles that are more journalistic than blog entries for publications and websites. It consists of finding a news hook for a story before creating an article relevant and timely. 1000 Personal Development Articles!

There are advantages and disadvantages to such work. On the one hand, a significant price for an excellent article will be paid by magazines and websites. On the other hand, this form of job is usually not repetitive because each time you start working on it, it requires pitching the editor with your article concept.

Writing Press Release

Businesses frequently utilize press releases to report events, debuts, or achievements. These releases typically contain 400-800 words, and your task would be to provide information worthy of the news media.

Technical writing

You can produce technical tutorials on these subjects for businesses if you are familiar with technical disciplines such as coding or web development. Technical authors can also use corporate guides, manuals, and reports. For instance, a corporation could engage you to read its policy sheet easily.

Case Studies/White Papers

Businesses utilize white papers or case studies to demonstrate the success of a product and service to companies. While writing practical white papers and compiling case studies, they are not always recurrent. Typically, you need several customers to ensure that you have continuous work.

Scripting Video

Bloggers, trainers, and other entrepreneurs who wish to develop YouTube videos or online courses look for authors who can visually learn about the subject. They often offer you a basic overview to follow, and then you compose a whole script.


Copywriting is more directly tied to sales than many others. Corporations use copywriters to sell their products and services or to aid them in developing attractive website language. You may generate web copies, landing pages, action calls, sales pages, emails, webinars, and marketing campaigns. The amount of work a customer can do depends on how many products he has, how many campaigns he wants to run, etc.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing means that companies may turn warm channels into purchasing clients through several emails. In this position, you can compose a wide range of emails from welcome sequences, limited-time sales to abandoned cart emails. 3500+ autoresponder email swipes bundle!

Descriptions of the product

If you are a writer who enjoys making SEO-optimized 60–80 word descriptions for a company’s product, you can start writing a product description. Although it is not the most glamorous task, it can provide a constant workflow if a company has several items. Convert your amazon book description to HTML code

Writing on social media.

A company can engage you to write quick social media updates. You need the skills to write, discover relevant photographs, and blend text and photos into appealing pieces.

Some companies could also hire you to maintain their social media accounts as part of this employment. This means that you are accountable for authoring and publishing posts and interacting with folks when a post is a life through the comment area. Social media management is one of the many ways that your revenue as an independent writer can be diversified. High quality 1000 words SEO friendly articles or blog posts for your website!

Modification or Editing

If you love Grammar, editing may be perfect for you. You might start by editing the article for spelling and grammar errors. You can provide various editing services from there, such as better sentence flow, rearrangement of sections, etc. Finally, you might potentially be hired by a company for development editing with suggestions for adding or removing parts, changing individual paragraphs, etc. Learn How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer!

Step 4: Create several relevant samples of writing

You will have to develop some samples of what kind of freelance writing you would like to accomplish. A sample will show a prospective customer that you are informed and informed about a particular subject or sector. Once you establish your specialty, begin to produce samples on this subject. For example, suppose you want to be a product description writer in the fashion business. In that case, you can generate several sample product descriptions, which you may include when you talk to a prospective customer.

Or develop a set of sample pieces to include in your portfolio if you wish to produce blog posts in the financing industry. If you want to stand out from the crowd, these posts must be of the highest quality. Learn How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer!

Step 5: Find Client Potential

It is time to start finding customers once you have built your samples! In the beginning, finding customers can be demanding because you do not have a profound portfolio or references/testimonials. If you’re here, here are some ways to get started.

Charitable groups

Suppose you want a chance to receive more samples from a single source and don’t have to worry about writing a few free pieces, approach charities. You can supply newsletters, donation letters, social media updates, or press releases.

Friendships and family

Even if it is a bit one-off assignment, your friends and relatives can help you get your first samples as a writer. Perhaps a family member has a new company for which web copying and blog updates are needed. Or maybe a friend will sell things online and allow some of them to create descriptions. If your friends or family like what you do, they may be your first customer.

Local companies

If you have been living in your city for some time, several companies you enjoy often buy. Since you are an average customer, you may even know the proprietor a little. You may want to explore approaching the company and asking whether they are interested in your freelance writing services.

Consider what services you could give before you talk to them. Can you freshen up a copy of their website? Do they have a blog, but quite often, do they don’t update it? Do you have a newsletter but don’t routinely send it out? These are all possible ways that you may help.

Although you may first have to contact them by email, I propose that you speak to your local business owner in person to start creating a relationship.

When you have your first examples, reviews, and greater trust in your freelance writing skills, you can explore these possibilities for more affordable gigs:

Work Boards  or Job  Boards

Free work boards such as Upwork, ProBlogger, Blogging Pro, or the All Freelance Writing Jobs Board might help you get to work consistently. But finding the correct jobs to propose to do money writing is critical. There are plenty of low-paid tasks on work boards so that you can dodge red flags.

For example, the preceding post would like a relatively low hourly rate of material. Whereas this could be an alternative when you start first and have no customers, it’s not a suitable long-term customer. For too little income, it’s too much work.

Social media

You can also utilize social media to find freelance writing gigs and develop new customer relationships. For instance, you can use Twitter employment boards such as @Write Jobs and @Whopayswriters for new assignments. You can also participate in Facebook companies such as Female Digital Nomads and Remote Jobs, Work Anywhere — Inventive Hub to provide business owners with your aid. Design social media covers or banners!

Pitch Your Thoughts or Ideas

You can also continue to expand your portfolio by publishing a concept. Although this can be a profitable way of writing, more effort is required, and recurrent income does not occur. Nevertheless, if you have an excellent relationship with an editor throughout a publication, they can be more consistent with possible positions.

You can find these kinds of publications by looking for things like “presenters paying publications.” You can also register for free newsletters such as freelance writing jobs or journal resources, which often contain calls for such entries.

Cold Pitch

Cold Pitching entails contacting corporations, small businesses, blogs, start-ups, and businesses to let you know how you, an independent writer, may help to enhance your business.

Start by finding a cold pitch for business. These organizations can be found in places such as the LinkedIn Job Board (use the business search option), AngelList, and Product Hunt.

You must find the appropriate individual to pitch to after having a list of companies to pitch to. To find a person, browse the firm’s website to learn more about the company, including people who work there. You can also explore LinkedIn to get the name of the individual concerned.

When you have a name, use the Find That Email or Voila Nobert Email search engine to find a person’s email address on a specific site. You can also use a free Chrome extension tool like Name 2 Email to free Gmail to find anybody’s email address.

You may also utilize a service such as a media contact list to help you spend less time looking and more time making the right pitch. Learn How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer!

Freelancing Business Ideas

Step 6: Pitch Clients Potential

Now let’s talk about building a cold pitch that gets the recipient’s attention.

Tell What You Love About a Brand

People love compliments. Starting your email with a quick remark that describes something about the brand you admire can give the receiver a favorable feeling. After all, it is challenging to create a personal brand, and those who have spent their time there will typically respect that.

Present yourself and what you have specialization

Keep short with your introduction. Remember, you’re not on the pitch. If you have written for similar companies or media in the industry, these should also be mentioned here.

State How to help your prospective customer

You can highlight some of your blog samples and provide them with the opportunity to develop blog content by viewing their website and seeing that their blogs are not consistently updated. You can even detail what is contained in every blog post so that they know what to expect.

If you pitch your services to an employer, you might also offer support with duties they may not have much time for, such as drafting emails, social media postings, or blog articles. Tell them about relevant samples and any experience you have with similar work. Learn How To Make Money As A Freelance Writer!

Step 7: High Profile Guest Post for top Websites

Guest posting at high-profile industrial locations is an excellent approach to reaching a vast audience. Even if you are not paid for the post, potential customers can look at the post and reach you with possible work. Make sure that a link to your website is included in your bio. Develop a Affiliate & Non Affiliate Professional WordPress Website!

These are the steps to landing your guest post:

Find an opportunity for guest posting on Google Start by looking for a “niche + write to us.”

This helps you to know how your potential guest post should look. The more it fits what’s on the site, the higher the chances of publication.

Read the guidelines on guest posting.

You must comprehend what a publication needs before uploading a guest post or an idea before publication on your website. Some may need a pitch, while others may want the whole post. Make sure that you correctly follow the instructions before pitching.

Keep your pitch comfortable.

Most of these high-level sites are flooded with pits. Therefore it is crucial to highlight yours. This means you constantly have to:

Mention other places that you have posted on Use the name of the editor if you know

State what your publication is like.

Indicate how your article can be added to the content on your website.

Polishing your guest post before submission Spend time.

When it is published, you want your guest article to stand out. To highlight this, consider:

Eye-catching subheadings included.

Make your draught one day before you modify it.

Use tools like Grammar to enable further revision and editing.

Add corresponding SEO keywords to your content.

Step 8: Your Niche Network With Others

Do not see other freelance writers as a competition when you become a freelance writer. When you network with individuals in your niche, they can inspire, advise, and even work.

Here’s how you can network via social media with other authors.

Starting one network or two networks

Pick platforms that other writers frequently use in your niche. For example, LinkedIn and Twitter might be ideal possibilities if you write for B2B companies.

Create an intriguing organic description

Check to see if your social media organically sells you to potential customers. Remember always to be descriptive when you describe who you are. For instance, if you write for B2C companies, you can call yourself a “professional B2C writer.”

Also, include prior customers you worked with or have published high-profile sites if feasible. This sets you up as an expert in your industry.

Track or Follow Relevant People

Follow relevant niche people, including writers, influencers, execs, etc.

Share helpful content in your niche with others.

You can continue to network with others afterward by sharing their material on your networks.

You can also comment directly on their posts, add value to the dialogue and amplify what you stated before.

The more connections you build, the more likely some of them are to work with you finally.

Step 9: Diversify your revenue or Income.


It is impossible to make full-time revenue from freelance writing in a few months, even after obtaining more experience. To acquire a more constant freelancing income, you might provide additional services with experience.

Here are some ways to supplement your freelancing income if necessary.

Website Design

You can learn how to create websites for clients if you know Photoshop, and you can master languages such as CSS, HTML, or JavaScript. In reality, with the emergence of website builders like Divi, you don’t need to know any programming language. Develop a Affiliate & Non Affiliate Professional WordPress Website!

Training or Coaching

As a writer, you can offer other people your experience by providing guidance or coaching. For example, if you have acquired several articles on high-profile websites on guest blogs, you may provide a post coach service. If you have created a YouTube in a couple of months following more than 10k subscribers, you may offer other authors YouTube coaching.

Stocks Photography

Have you an eye for stunning pictures? Then you might utilize stock pictures to diversify your income as an additional service.

Blog Management

Enhance a load of business owners by providing a blog management solution. You, therefore, design a publication schedule, write and publish posts, and modify and publish content written by others.

Graphic Design

If you use Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or Canva, you can also provide graphic design services and freelance writing services. This could include adding features for blog entries or designing specialized social media themes. Design social media covers or banners!

Virtual Assistant (VA)

You would do all kinds of work for a person or a company as a virtual assistant. This might involve everything from email management to management of social media and even appointments and meetings. Anything from a computer or phone can be done.

Start writing freelance money.

Making money as an independent writer at the same time is both easy and difficult. It’s pretty easy in the sense that everyone can do it, the entry barrier is low, and no special equipment is required.

On the other hand, those same factors make it harder to succeed because there is a lot of competition.

But don’t be discouraged. If you follow the methods put forth in this tutorial and do not give up, you can start making money as a freelance writer. So come out and get started! Time and effort will be needed, but it’s worth it! Best ways to amke money online!

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