The Causes Of Stress

The Causes Of Stress
The Causes Of Stress

The Causes Of Stress

This article looks at the causes of stress and provides free tips to help you control and reduce your worries. The Causes Of Stress!

I have, as I am sure many do, most of my life for many different reasons.

Even though I still worry about many things, I have now learned how to handle many of these situations and will write about how I can do about this, in this article.

What Are The Causes Of Stress

I am a person who loves a simple and settled life. When something comes together that is quite a big event or is out of the ordinary, it is when I start living under stress. I’m not the kind of person who likes change, so things like moving house is the one thing that will stress me a lot. I have actually gone home four times in the last six years, not too smart for someone like me. I am happy now where I live and plan to stay at this residence for a long time. The Causes Of Stress!

I am also self-employed. There are many things I love about being self-employed, the fact that I am my own boss, I can choose my own hours, I have no one to answer or report and it gives me is. I often stress that business will go through a bad phase and I do not have regular income security. How do I pay the mortgage? How do I repay my car loan? How do I feed my kids and fuck? These are all things that can sometimes wake me up at night.

I have now started creating back-up funds in a bank account. When the business is going well, I can put as much money into this account, which I can use later. This gives me mental peace and hence I do not need to be so upset. The business will pass through good and bad times and thus I can easily cope when it is slow.

I was also worried about how I would pay my tax bill at the end of the year, although I have also started paying for it every month, similar to the example above so that it could be paid.

I now try in a logical way about all my concerns and instead of losing sleep over them, I try to find a solution. The Causes Of Stress!

I too feel stressed and I am not sure why this happens, the day after which I have to drink alcohol at night. In the morning and nowadays since I am growing older, throughout the day, I often feel lethargic and my mind starts playing tricks on me. It makes me feel negative about the future and makes me worried about a whole host of issues. It now takes me about forty-eight hours to get out of it badly and affect my family and work life. I have now decided that I will go out a lot less and when I do, I will limit what I drink.

These are other things that can stress me:

When I have worked so hard!

When I am sleepy

During and after illness

After an argument with my girlfriend

When I am invited on a social occasion that I do not want to go to, such as a wedding

A visit from my girlfriends family to say a weekend

Going on vacation & get Happiness

Some of the above may seem a bit bizarre to some people reading this article, although I am trying to be truthful. Yes, going on vacation worries me. I do not like flying for a start, I am worried that I or a member of my family may be ill or that the hotel may not be as good as it was described in the brochure.

One thing I am careful to do now is to get enough sleep. I should say that I love going to bed and I love sleeping. My bed is where I feel safe and comfortable. I would fall into the trap of working very hard and then stay up late, possibly watching television. I would set my alarm to wake up early and then resume the whole process.

From reading a book about stress management, I came to know that sleep was one of the best forms of stress-relief. I decided to give it away and I must say that it works. Now I stay in bed after an hour in the morning and in bed where possible, till 10 o’clock at night.

I too am trying to take life in my struggle now. What happens and I will deal with each challenge based on my ability. I try to deal with potential problems in a positive way and feel that if life was very comfortable and easy, it would probably be quite boring.

I now appreciate what I have in life and instead of looking forward to the future, I look forward to what life will bring. I know that life will be difficult at times and I am determined to get through these periods as soon as possible.

Nowadays when I feel down and unhappy, I spend more and more time with my children, because they make me happy and can soon bring a smile to my face.

How to Deal with Stress

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