Short Stories with Moral

Short Stories with Moral
Short Stories with Moral

Short Stories with Moral

Short Stories with Moral – Hello friends, here are three such short inspirational stories that will inspire and teach you the important things in life. So let’s know three inspiring Short Stories with Moral!

Three Short Stories with Moral

Control Your Anger

(Short Stories with Moral)

The only boy who became stubborn enough to be pampered. He used to get angry at everything. His parents used to worry a lot about this. One day his father gave his son a bag full of nails and where the son whenever you get angry, put a nail on the wooden fence in the garden.

On the first day, the boy slammed 37 bananas into that fence.

Now whenever the boy got angry, he used to go to the fence.

Over the next few weeks, the boy gradually began to control his temperament and the number of spikes that had to be planted in the fence gradually began to decrease.

Now the boy started realizing that it was easier to control his anger than to throw the fort in the fence.

Finally the day has come when the boy has not lost his temper. He told this news to his father.

The father said to his boy, “Now every day you should pull out your fingers nails which you had used to control your anger in your life.

A few days passed and eventually the boy was able to tell his father that he had removed all the spikes. To see this, the father took his son to the enclosure.

The father said, “My dear son you did a fabulous job today, but look, there are lots of holes in the fence. Now the fence is not the same. Seeing the boy’s surprised face, the father explained to him –

“Look, son, When a person dies a knife and throws it out. It does not matter how many times you say that I am sorry, but the wound remains. In the same way, you threw the nail in anger and then later removed it, that is, you accepted your mistake, but the mark remained.

The moral of the story

Keep your anger under control, and don’t say such things to angry people that you regret later. Remember some things in life you are unable to take back. Later, he only regrets.


The Beautiful Statue of Marble

(Short Stories with Moral)

A beautiful museum of beautiful marble tiles was built in a city. In a large part of that museum, a beautiful marble statue was placed. Many people from all over the world came to see this museum and praised that beautifully crafted marble statue.

One night the marble tiles and marble idols of that museum started talking among themselves.

The marble tiles said, “Oh idol, don’t you think that it is not right that people from all over the world come here and admire you so much and ignore me.” Everybody comes to me and walks over me and praises me by standing on you.

The marble idol replied, “My dear brother, marble tile, don’t you remember that they came out of the same mine?”

Marble tiles quote, yes! I know, that’s why I think it’s unfair. We both came out of the same mine but still why does the world treat us differently. This is so wrong!

The marble idol replied, “Yes you are right my brother. But, do you still remember the day when the sculptor tried to work on you but you could not bear the tools of that sculptor and broke?

The marble tiles said, “Yes, I despise that sculptor.” How could he use those dirty tools on me?

The marble idol replied, “Yes when you could not bear his tools and you resisted, he did not work on you again.” When he decided to leave you, you started working on me instead. I knew the same thing that I would become something different and unique after his efforts. I endured all the painful tools he used on me and allowed him to craft as he wanted!

The marble tiles said, “But those tools were so painful.

The marble statue replied, “My brother, everything in life has value.” Since, you decided to resist and broke up halfway. So now whoever sets foot on you, you cannot blame anyone.

The moral of the story

Whenever there are some difficult times in our life, at that time God is working to improve us. Some people curse God and their destiny at opposite times. Friends, the harder you go through life, the more you learn and use them in the future! Do not be discouraged by failures and failures! Keep trying to be better.

Clever Fish – Short Stories with Moral

Farming of Corn

(Short Stories with Moral)

There was a farmer in a village who was known for high-quality corn cultivation. Every year he used to win the first prize at the Kisan Mela of the Kisan State. In many surrounding states, there was much discussion about their corn cultivation.

Once, a reporter decided to interview the farmer, who also inspired other farmers. When the reporter asked the farmer about his quality corn cultivation, the farmer shared his best quality seeds with all the farmers. He also told everyone how to do their farming.

Finally the reporter asked, “You told all your neighboring farmers how to cultivate your quality corn. Did it not increase your competition? While you know that all these farmers compete with you in the agricultural fair? ”

The farmer replied, “Don’t you know that the wind picks up pollen from the ripening corn, and this wind goes from one area to another. If my neighbors grow poor quality corn, cross-pollination will ultimately reduce my quality Will spoil. As well as corn. If I’m a high-quality corn grower, I should help my neighbors grow good corn as well. ”

The moral of the story

Friends, it is the same in our lives. We like to live in peace and happiness, but do not want people to be happy. If we want to be happy, then the people around us should also help us to be happy. One who wants to love must first learn to love others. He who chooses to live well must also help others to live well; as the value of life is measured by the life he touches. Those who choose to be happy should let others be happy because the welfare of each is linked to the welfare of all.


Friend! I hope you find these three inspiring short stories! Short Stories with Moral “You must have liked it and how much you would have liked, please tell through comments, any questions and suggestions are welcome. Please share and subscribe to stay connected.

Thank you

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