Best Money Management App

Best Money Management App
Best Money Management App

Top 10 Best Money Management App for Android & iOS

Budgeting your money is very important. We live in an era where membership services are common. You have the usual array of rentals and utilities to pay. Also, money is a bit tight these days as it used to be comparatively speaking. Balancing a checkbook is dead, but there are lots of Best Money Management App that basically do the same thing much faster and more efficiently. Here are the simplest budget apps for money management.

Types of Top 10 Best Money Management App for Android & iOS

There are two main types of budget apps. The first is an expense tracker. It is mostly used by people who deduct a lot of goods from their taxes. Business owners who travel a lot, bloggers like us, trucks keeping track of food and walking miles, and all other types of professional expense trackers are used. From this, you can know how much money you have to spend on all the stuff you need for your job (and life). You have all the information you need to trust your ugly head of the tax season.

The second style of a budgeting app is the one you are probably thinking of. It monitors your bank budget, your expenses, bills, utilities, and other such things. These are useful for paying attention to where your money goes so that you lose less. They are particularly helpful for those who manage multiple accounts at once and pay their bills online.

Here are the Best Apps to Manage Money and Bills.



Key features

  • Track your spends

View your expenses categorized into categories like food, entertainment, shopping, etc.

  • Transfer money to friends

Split costs. Send and request money for free. No wallet, no need to share account number and IFSC.

  • Credit card payment

Pay your credit card bills directly from the app at no charge [this feature is being re-launched and will be relaunched soon].

  • Bill reminder

Walnut reminds you to pay your bill (credit card / mobile / DTH) on time. Never spend extra on late fees.

  • Get bank balance

Instantly check all your bank account balances without using internet data. Never pay an ATM usage fee to check your account balance.

  • Spends on split and settle chat

Use Walnutpay with friends and roommates to spend and divide on travel, vacations, eating out, and daily expenses.

  • Transfer money to friends

Send and request money for free. No more wallets, no need to share account number and IFSC code.

  • Walnut is the most downloads Best Money Management App on iOS App Store & Play Store


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Andromoney is one of the foremost popular and successful expense trackers on Google Play. The app also provides cross-platform support for the web and iOS. Some features include multiple accounts, support for account balances and transfers, budget work, support for multiple currencies, and Excel support if necessary. The design is amazingly clean and the analytics are logical and easy to read. We also like that it is a free app.

Key features 

  • Track Daily Expense

Using Android, iPad, or desktop does not matter, you can download the Andromoney mobile app and use the Andromoney web cloud service.

  • Budget management

You can set a monthly budget according to your category. Budget alerts help you control your spending.

  • Real-time expense report

Find the highest expenditure, average expenditure. Get statistics report (pie chart, bar chart, curve chart, etc.)?

  • Grade management

You can add, delete, or modify the category as per your requirement. (Expenditure, income, transfer)

  • Account management

Many accounts can be set up for you. Expenses for various projects can also be tagged. You can get to know your property fully.

  • Many currencies

You can use different currencies while shopping abroad.

Currency rates can be synced with Google Currency.


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Monefy is one of the simpler budget apps. Its claim to fame is how quick it is to use it. The app tries to set itself up in a way that adds new data quickly and easily. This usually works very well. Additionally, you’ll get various currency supports, a built-in calculator, passcode protection, Dropbox integration, widgets, and more. It takes a moment to learn the interface. However, once you use the app, it is really easy Best Money Management App.

Key features 

  • See your spending distribution on the chart or get detailed information from the transactions list
  • Manage categories, if defaults don’t work for you
  • Be safely synchronized using your own Google Drive or Dropbox account
  • Handy widgets that would be used on the lock screen
  • Multi-currency support
  • Select the currency
  • Use budget mode
  • Backup and export data in one click
  • Multiple accounts support
  • Passcode, Touch ID and Face ID protection
  • Built-in calculator
  • Dark theme


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Daily Expenses

Daily Expenses
Daily Expenses

Key features

  • Daily expenditure is an application designed to arrange your income and expenses, your money moves are recorded by date, you’ll review daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports.
  • By streamlining your expenses, you can control your money better.
  • Track your income and expenses, categorize them by category.
  • You can modify or delete the records you have created.
  • The application will show your remaining period as well as reports grouped by duration.
  • You can also schedule recurring records, so the applications you add are repetitive movements over a certain period of time.
  • You can protect your information if you need to.
  • The application lets you make backups of your database to restore your information if necessary.
  • Available translations: Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Italian, Ukrainian, Indonesian.
  • Reports available: daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, and yearly.
  • Create a graphical report
  • Horizontal screen for tablets.
  • Choose the currency format and date format used in your country.


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Key features

  • Bank syncing

Easily connect all your accounts in one place and import your transactions, so that you always have up-to-date information.

  • Transaction matching

Prefer to enter the transaction yourself? You can do this! YNAB will match imported transactions with those you enter yourself, so your account balance is always accurate.

  • Active

Real-time access to all your budget data on multiple devices means you can budget with multiple partners and always have the information that you need to make good spending decisions.

  • Goal tracking

Go beyond an expense tracker. Set goals and immediately see when you will be able to reach them.

  • Reporting ecstasy

Detailed, visual spending and trend reports help you measure and improve progress.

  • Personal support

Our friendly support team is available every week via email, live chat, and offers 100+ free, live budget workshops every week.


Download on Google play

Money Lover

Money Lover
Money Lover

Key features

  • Have a Money Manager: Keep track of daily expenses, income, and categorize them. 1 Expense tracker with built-in receipt scanner function.
  • Budget Planner: Never keep a plan and budget to implement your envelope system and save your money.
  • A Reporting: A financial report tells you about your expenses, income date, or group.
  •  Security: Data encrypted by RSA-1024 bit. Support PIN code, fingerprint to unlock.
  • Repay Credit Wallet: Designed to inform the management and repayment of credit cards.
  • Aid Linked Wallet: Automatic Bank Feed. Updates and transactions from banking accounts, e-wallets, and crypto-money wallets.


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Money Manager

Key features

  • Easy to use, clean and comfortable expenditure and income tracker

Intuitive and easy to use user interface. No redundancy, add new records very fast.

  • Tracking expenses and revenue

Easily record where your money comes and goes.

  • The whole picture in one place

A clear view of your financial life. Better understand where your money comes from and go with imagined reports about income, expenses and time, and category.

  • Expenditure/income pie chart

View or get the distribution of your expenses on a good and informative chart, view your transactions by categories.

  • Budget and bill planning

Organizing bills according to categories by week, month, and year. Remove all items in the same transaction with different range and amount.

  • Reminder

Set a reminder to allow you to record transactions every day.

  • No Ads, No-Limit Features, Free

Money Manager can be used for free, without advertisements and without any feature restrictions. It is the Best Money Management App.


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Key features

  • Choose the gospel of acute, difficult patients for suffocation.
  • More rating? How do you want to share, how do you want to share?
  • Budget transfer, automatic carry-over, monthly surplus.
  • The full-currency account, the exchange rate, is automatically converted, controlling the net assets at any time.
  • Pie charts, bar charts, line charts, monthly income, and expenses at a glance.
  • The money borrowed, returned, returned, transferred, reimbursed.
  • Cloud synchronization, local backup, network disk backup multiple guarantees, data will never be lost.


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Expense Manager

Key features

  • Monitoring expenses and earnings
  • Split Transaction – Record all items in a single transaction with different range and amount.
  • Recurring expenses and income
  • Multiple accounts
  • Take receipt photo
  • tracking tax
  • Tracking Mileage
  • Tracking Loans
  • Credit Card
  • Credit card and bank SMS message parsing
  • Write, print, and check email


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Key features


  • Automatically syncs to Android, iPhone, and web
  • Stay on the same page about finances with loved ones at all times.
  • Data is supported automatically and securely on GoodBudgate’s website
  • Personal financial management for life
  • Optimized tracking for motion tracking!
  • Check envelope and account balance
  • Save for the future with goals and annual envelopes
  • Scheduled Transactions and Envelopes Fills
  • Split expense transaction
  • Save time with smart payers and category suggestions
  • Easily transfer funds between envelopes and accounts
  • Search for transactions
  • Add Income
  • Choose a budget period to match real life
  • Add and edit accounts
  • Location-Based Widget! Enter common transactions in 3 touches. Control in Settings. (Note: The widget will not be available if you move the app to SD due to Android limitation)
  • Edit the budget as required!


  • Analyze spending by envelope report
  • Monitor cash flow with income vs. expense report
  • On the web too
  • Download transaction in CSV
  • Bank account details in QFX (Quicken) and OFX (Microsoft Money) formats with auto-matching for manually entered transactions
  • Clear / reconciliation transactions
  • More Reports!
  • Based on the progressive development system
  • No physical envelopes… only virtual ones!
  • Roll out unused money in the new month to reward your amazing self-control!
  • Plan ahead of time to keep the budget on track.
  • live within your means
  • a lovely cute envelope mascot
  • Financial Calculators
  • Finance and investment calculator

TVM calculator

  • Currency converter
  • Compound Interest Calculator
  • Return on investment (ROI) calculator
  • IRR NPV Calculator
  • MIRR Calculator
  • Bond Calculator
  • Tax Equivalent Yield Calculator
  • 72 calculator rules

Loan / Mortgage Calculator

  • Loan Comparison Calculator
  • Loan refinance calculator
  • Apr calculator
  • APR Advanced Calculator
  • Commercial Loan Calculator
  • Simple Loan Calculator
  • Loan analysis calculator
  • Home Affordability Calculator
  • Rent vs Buy Calculator
  • Mortgage Tax Savings Calculator
  • Discount Points Calculator
  • Adjustable-Rate Calculator
  • Fixed vs Adjustable Rate Calculator
  • Bi-weekly payment calculator
  • Interest-only calculator

Retirement calculator

  • Retirement Planner
  • 401k contribution calculator
  • Retirement Calculator
  • Retirement Savings Analysis
  • Retirement Income Analysis
  • Traditional IRA vs. Roth IRA
  • Required Minimum Delivery
  • Social Security Estimator
  • Asset allocation calculator
  • Save 401k Max Calculator
  • College Savings Calculator

Stock calculator

  • Stock Return Calculator
  • Share Constant Growth Calculator
  • Stock Non-stationary Growth Calculator
  • CAPM calculator
  • Expected Return Calculator
  • Holding period return calculator
  • The weighted average cost of the capital calculator
  • Pivot point calculator
  • Fibonacci calculator
  • Black-Scholes Option Calculator

Miscellaneous calculator

  • Regular calculator
  • Tip calculator
  • Discount and tax calculator
  • Percent Calculator
  • Date Calculator
  • unit conversion
  • US inflation calculator
  • Margin and markup calculator
  • Fuel Calculator
  • Increment Calculator
  • US Paycheck Tax Calculator
  • American Health Savings Account Calculator
  • Net Distribution Calculator
  • Effective Rate Calculator
  • Mutual Fund Fee Calculator
  • Compare Unit Price Calculator
  • Balance sheet and income statement analysis
  • Financial Ratio
  • US interest rate
  • US Mortgage Rate
  • Commodities and Futures


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These are the Best Money Management App.


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